Lee County Biography

Jerome B. Anderson
Nelson Twp.

Jerome B. Anderson has a good farm, comprising a quarter of section 13, Nelson Township, that is admirably adapted to general farming and dairy purposes, and to those branches of agriculture it is devoted. The homestead is well supplied with the necessary equipments to conduct business properly, and its improvements are of a good class.

Our subject was born in Morrison Cove, Bedford County, Pa., May 16, 1844. He is of good old Revolutionary stock, and the blood of sterling Scotch ancestry runs in his veins. His father, Hezekiah Anderson, and his grandfather, Julius Anderson, were also natives of Pennsylvania, the latter, who was born of American parents, spending his life in that State. He in turn was a son of Patrick Anderson, asoldierof the Revolution, who was a Pennsylvania farmer, and lived and died in the Keystone State when an old man. He was a Democrat in polities and a Presbyterian in religion, his son Julius being of like faith in both particulars. He was likewise a farmer and was also a merchant. He served in the War of 1812. He lived to an advanced age, always making his home in his native State.

Hezekiah D. Anderson learned the trade of a millwright in his youth, and later in life turned his attention to farming in Bedford County, where he settled after marriage. He lived there until 1855, when he brought his family to Illinois to establish a borne in Lee County, which was rich in resources, and possessed many superior advantages for a farmer. He first settled in Marion Township, and later located in South Dixon Township, where he and his household lived until 1865, when he bought the farm, which was then but slightly improved, and is now the property of our subject. The land increased in value under his management, and here he built up a comfortable home, in which, at the age of fifty-six, lie laid down the burden of life for the unbroken rest of death, in 1870. His wife died some years later, in 1886, at the age of sixty-seven, her death occurring in the city of Dixon. They were people of blameless lives and Christian spirit, in whom the Methodist Episcopal Church has found two of its most consistent members. During the latter part of his life Mr. Anderson was a Republican.

Jerome B. Anderson is the eldest but one of ten children, six sons and four daughters, all of whom are yet living, and four of them have homes with in the borders of this county. Our subject was nine years old when the family came to this county. experience of farming was acquired early, and in 1880 he came into possession of his present farm, which has been his father's and which had been his dwelling place since 1865. He makes the most of its fertile soil, and besides raising bountiful harvests, has forty much cows on the place, together with other stock, and his income from his dairy business amounts to quite a sum of money during the year. He is a fine farmer, conducting his operations with skill and sound judgment, employing the best modern methods in carrying out his plans, and keeping his place up to a high standard in all that goes to make a good farm.

The maiden name of the mother of our subject was Drusannah Biddle, and she was born, reared and married in Blair County, Pa. Her father, John Biddle, was born and reared in Maryland, and later settled in the conty where his daughter was born. He was a farmer by occupation, and lived to an advanced age.

The wife of our subject, to whom he was married in Nelson Township, bore the maiden name of Rebecca E. Long. She was born in Somerset County Pa., in 1849, and was young when her father, Jacob H. Long, removed to Indiana with his family. His wife died in that State, andhe subsequently came to Illinois, and his remaining days were spent in Nelson Township, where he died when about sixty years of age. He was married a second time after coming to this county, Mrs. Anna Fritz becoming his wife. She is now living in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and is active and energetic for her years. Our subject and his amiable wife are enjoying a felicitous wedded life, and their pleasant home circle is completed by their three children, whose names wer Cora L, Florence E, and Georgia G. Moth Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are opular in the society of their community. His political affiliations are with the Republicians of this section.

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