Walter Frederick Aydelotte, M.D., neurologist and health instructor at Dixon, was born in Jersey county, Illinois, November 26, 1878, a son of Isaac K. and Mary (Norris) Aydelotte, the former a native of Jersey county and the latter of Greene county, Illinois. The paternal grandfather was a native of Ohio, but came to Illinois in pioneer times, arriving about 1840. Isaac K. Aydelotte was a farmer and business man active in connection with both agricultural and mercantile pursuits.

Dr. Aydelotte, whose name introduces this record, acquired a public-school education in Kansas, Nebraska, and Montgomery county, Illinois, attending school in the three states. He was also a student in Dixon college where he studied law and subsequently took up the profession of teaching, which he followed for three years in Lee and Sangamon counties. This, however, was merely an initial step toward professional labor. He became a student in the McCormick Neurological college, now the McCormick Medical College of Chicago, from which he was graduated as a doctor of neurology in 1907. He did some optical work before graduation and since completing his course at McCormick he has taken post-graduate work, for it is his desire to attain the highest degree of efficiency possible. In 1907 he opened an office in Dixon, where he has since engaged in practice, confining his attention strictly to neurology. This is an age of specialization and the practitioner who attains the highest measure of success is he who concentrates his efforts along certain lines. Recognizing this fact Dr. Aydelotte chose neurology as a school of healing which he believed would prove interesting to him and one in which he hoped to prove especially helpful to his fellowmen. He was duly licensed by the state board of health upon examination January 15, 1907, and he is now giving his life largely to original research into great forces and principles that make for human health and happiness. His broad study, his practice and his research are developing a line of thought and teaching that have already proved of great benefit to mankind and will be of still further service as the years go by.

While the commercial features of his work are not neglected, he is primarily a delver after truth, seeking to find the solution for the mysteries of nature, that the work of man shall be more in accord with nature's great laws. He is, in other words, a student philosopher and in endeavoring to heal earthly ills, also makes attempt to put his patients in tune with the great forces of life which control as well the spiritual nature.

Dr. Aydelotte was married October 31, 1905 to Nannie Bertha Byrd, a daughter of Jacob and Katherine Byrd, prominent pioneer settlers of Willow Creek township. Both Dr. Aydelotte and his wife are highly esteemed in the city and have many warm friends.

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.

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