Lee County Biography

Hiram B. Bates
Amboy Township


We are gratified to be able to place in the hands of our readers a sketch of Mr. Bates, who is well known throughout Amboy Township and Lee County, and who is most highly esteemed personally, as is also his family, he is at present residing on his fine tract of land, located on section 11, Amboy Township, and which is unproved with every needful building that will facilitate his active operations as an agriculturist.

Mr. Bates is a native of the Green Mountain State, having been born in Westford, Chittenden County, October 28, 1828, and in which Place he received his education and grew to manhood, remaining there until 1855, when, with his wife and one child, he came West and located in Pierce County, Wis., opening up a farm, and residing there for the succeeding twelve years. In November, 1868, however, our subject disposed of his property in Wisconsin, having been encouraged to make Lee County his home, and on coming hither lived for two years in China Township. Later he purchased the beautiful tract on section 11, where he makes his home at the present time. He has put his land under a thorough course of cultivation, and the result is that he is the proprietor of one of the finest estates in the township, and he has the satisfaction of knowing that it has been brought about by his own untiring industry and perseverance.

This gentleman established a hearthstone of his own before he came West, having been united in marriage May 13, 1851, to Miss Marion E. Braekett, the ceremony taking place in Orange County, Vt. Mrs. Bates was born in Braintree, Orange County, Vt., May 26, 1828, and by her union with our suject has become the mother of four children, of whom we make the following mention: Armina H. died at the interesting age of twelve years; Ida. J. is the wife of Jarvin Leake; Charles A. died when a lad of five years, and George D. married Miss Effie Evitts.

Mr. Bates has been keenly alive to all measures that would in any way benefit his community, and is looked upon as being one of the most public-spirited men in the county. He invaribly gives of his times and means to promote all good works and will be greatly missed in this section when he shall have passed from earth. He has been especially interested in educational matters, and served his fellow-townsmen most satisfactorily as a member of the School Board. While a resident of Wisconsin his good qualities as a public servant were recognized, and he became Supervisor of his township, and while in that office studied how to best promote the welfare of his townsmen. Mrs. Bates is a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which society she is active in all good works.
The father of our subject was Hosea B. Bates, who was born in Westford, Vt. His mother was Mrs. Hannah (Bowman) Bates, also a native of the same town and State as her husband. They lived honored and useful lives, and when called from this life were residing at River Falls, Wis., whither they had removed in 1850. The father of Mrs. Bates bore the name of Charles Brackett and claimed Vermont as his native State. his birth taking place in Braintree. Her mother was Armenia Parrish, who was born in Brinkfield, Vt., she died in braintree, same State, in 1843. The father, however, came to Lee County in 1855, and died in China Township in 1881.

Mr. Bates owns eighty acres of land and is numbered among the prominent and successful farmers of Amboy Township. Mrs. Bates is a very capable and intelligent lady and is noted for her skill as a housewife and caretaker.

1892 Portrait and Biographical Record Lee Co Pg 341


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