Lee County Biography

Isaac S. Boardman

At the helm of the Dixon Telegraph from 1859 to 1868 was Isaac S. Boardman, who took over the paper when B.F. Shaw left the newspaper to join the Pike's Peak gold-seekers in 1859.

Born in Tioga County N.Y. in 1816, Mr. Boardman came to Dixon in 1837 and went into the mercantile business with S.M. Bowman. He was elected county clerk when Lee county was organized in1839, serving four years. He served as circuit clerk from 1850 - 57 and was elected again in 1859.

Upon his retirement in 1868, The Telegraph was placed in the hands of his sons, John D. and William H. Boardman, and it was consolidated under the later with the Dixon Herald in 1869, with A>C. Bardwell as editor, who sold control to B.F. Shaw in 1871.

Source: Dixon Evening Telegraph - Centennial 1951 Issue


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