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JOHN CROMBIE has passed the most of his II life as boy and man in Lee County, and has attained an honorable place among its farmers and stock-raisers. He has a farm on section 25, China Township, that is in a fine condition, owing to his excellent management, has a good class of improvements,and its carefully tilled fields and rich pastures yield him a desirable income.

The town of Byron, Genesee County, N. Y., is the birthplace of our subject, and February 26, 1830, the date of his birth. He is descended from hardy New England stock, and both of his parents. Moses and Louisa (Morse) Crombie, were born among the granite hills of New Hampshire, Chesshire being their native county, and Dublin the town where the father first saw the light of day. A portion of their married life was spent in New York, but they passed their last days in this State. They were among the early pioneers of Northern Illinois, coming here in the first years of its settle­ment. They lived some two or three years in what is now the village of Grand Detour, Ogle County, but in 1840 they settled near Am boy, in this county, whence they subsequently removed to Lee Centre, and there death found them well advanced in years. Those worthy people reared a family of three children, of whom our subject is the eldest.

John Crombie was but a boy when his parents came to this State, and the remainder of his youth was passed chiefly in this county, in Lee Centre Township, and, with the exception of five years in Iowa, he has been a resident of this county ever since. He has made farming his life work, and was engaged at that calling in Lee Centre Town­ship for some years after his marriage. In the winter of 1862-63 he removed with his family to Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa, and was a resident of that county some five years. At the expiration of that time he returned to Lee County, which from old associations, and for what he considered better advantages, both as a place of resi­dence and for the pursuit of his vocation, had superior attractions for him. He then located in China Township, and in the years of toil that have since followed has made his farm attractive as a home, and valuable as a finely improved piece of property. It has an area of one hundred and seventy-two acres, on which he has erected a good set of buildings, and evidences of thrift and unceasing care are seen on every hand.

The marriage of our subject with Miss Sarah E. Warnick took place July 4, 1854, in Lee Centre Township, and neither contracting party has seen cause to regret the important step taken on that glorious "Independence Day" that lies back in the past thirty-seven years, as it has brought them much that is pleasant. Among its blessings are the six children that have been born unto them, namely: George M., who married Miss Polly Landon; Charles, who died in childhood; Nancy L., the wife of Fred L. Ayers; Mamie, Adelaide S., and Alice M. Mrs. Crombie was born in Steuben County, N. Y., July 7, 1834, and is the youngest of the five children of James and Nancy (Gardner) Warnick, who were natives respectively of Montgomery County, N. Y., and of Swansea, Mass. They were pioneers of Lee County, whither they came from their former home in Steuben County, N. Y., in 1849, and were residents of Lee Centre Township many years, her death occurring there, while he died in the home of his son in Edgar County.

Mr. Crombie is a man of sound understanding, and has clear, common-sense views on all subjects with which he is familiar, while his many excellent personal traits have commended him to the people among whom he has lived solong, and they have often placed him in responsible public offices, feeling sure that he would discharge the duties thus imposed upon him in the most satisfactory manner. He has been Constable, Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Collector and School Director, and in those various capacities has always acted with wisdom and discretion, and has always acted with wisdom and discretion, and has favored whatsoever would be o benefit to the township. In politics, he is a strong believer in the doctrines of the Democratic party. Socially, he is identified with the Masonic fraternity. Mrs. Crombie shares the respect in which her husband is held and she is a devoted member of the Congregational Church.

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