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Parents of Gerry Drew - Back March of Dimes Campaign
Thankful for care that defeated Gerry's polio attack

Seven months ago little Gerry Drew, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Drew, 1001 Highland, avenue, was stricken with infantile paralysis, her right leg and back stiffened by the disease. Today, after-treatment at St. Anthony's hospital, Rockford, and in her home, she's a healthy, normal child again with no after effects of the disease,

Gerry's mother told The Telegraph yesterday "that it almost seems like a miracle" that she was completely regained her health. But she added that it was due to the expert treatment and fine care she received during her illness that enabled Gerry to successfully fight off the paralysis.

Then; turning to the March of Dimes campaign; which provides the funds to care for infantile paralysis victims, she heartily endorsed the campaign for funds as a wonderful cause, adding that her family would do anything possible to aid the campaign. We who have gone through this experience she declared, think everyone should do all possible forthe campaign. Meanwhile little Gerry is back home with her parents and six sisters, in tip top shape and gradually overcoming the nervousness which was apparent when she returned from the hospital October 4. She'sbeen out of bed and moving about actively since Nov. 1 and Mrs. Drw said yesterday that Dr. Walter Mroz told her Thursday when she took Gerry to the hospital for a routine checkup that she would not need to return for nine months.

But her future wasn't so rosy June 23 when she contracted polio. Surffering also with pneumonia at that time, she was seriously sick for the following five days. Then after showing some improvement for two weeks, she suffered a slight relapse just before entering St. Anthony's July 15.

The fact that Gerry was at home and not playing with other children didn't prevent her attack of polio, Mrs. Drew revealed. She was at home all the time, but her sisters, Mary Elaine, 19, Doris Ann, 18, Frances 17, Madonna 14, Katherine 9 and Carolyn 5, who were out mixing with others escaped unaffected.

But this week en, when Madonna works in the theatres here, helping with the March of Dimes theatre collections; she'll be casting a silent vote of thanks with her effort for the recovery of her sister Gerry.

Dixon Telegraph 25 January 1947

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