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Jacob Ebinger, whose death occurred January '28, 1880, had been for some Years a resident of Dixon, and bore the oharacter of an upright and honest man. He was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, near Stuttgart, in 1825. He came of pure German ancestory and was reared and educated in the excellent schools of his native city. He learnod the printer's trade in the Old Country and carried it on in connection with his other business after coming to the United States. He resided for some time in the East, where he was married, subsequently coming to Dixon, where he established a hardware store on the corner of First Street and Galena Avenue, continuing in business at that place for a number of years, during which time he erected a large business block on the same location, which is one of the principal corners in the city and which establishment he was carrying on at the time of his death.

Mr. Ebinger was a second time married, in Dixon, to Miss Henrietta Raasch, who was a native of Germany and a daughter of John and Louisa (Bishoff) Raasch. Her parents came with their family to the United States and settled in Wisconsin where the father and mother died at a good old age. They were members of the Lutheran Church. Mrs. Ebinger has proved a worthy helpmate to her husband, assisting him to the utmost of her ability in accumulating the comfortable fortune which she is now left to enjoy. She has full possession of the property left by her husband, and manages it with great ability. Like her parents, she is a member of the Lutheran Church. She has a foster child to whom she has proved a kind and loving mother -- Anna Geiessenheimer, who is acting as clerk for Brubaker & Carpenter.

Mr. Ebinger was a member of the Masonic order and in politics was a Democrat. He was an energetic, hard-working man and his success was athe results of his own efforts.

Portraits and Biographical 1892 Pg 793

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11 March 1872 Dixon Telegraph WANT ADS ---- Jacob Ebinger
Dealer in stoves of all the most approved manufactures, Hardware, Tin and Woodenware, Cutlery, etc. Masonic Block, corner Galena and First streets, Dixon Ill.

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