Lee County Biography

James K. Edsall

One of Dixon's most famous men was the city's mayor for 1864, James K. Edsall.

An attorney, Mr. Edsall came to Dixon on a lecture tour during the Fremont campaign for president. He was a former member of the Kansas legislature during the "Bleeding Kansas" slavery issue and The Telegraph editor said Edsall had become a permanent citizen of Dixon and had left Kansas "on account of his peculiar love of freedom."

In 1857 he became incorporation attorney for Dixon, becoming mayor in 1864.

He was elected state senator for 1870-72 and in 1873 was elected secretary of state for Illinois, remaining in that office until 1881.

Born in Windham, N.Y. in 1831 he died June 19, 1892 in Chicago.

Dixon Evening Telegraph May 1, 1951

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