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A distinguished writer has lamented the decay of that strength of individual character which has been the glory of the English nation. But if we may be allowed to judge-from the class of people who have emigrated from that country to the United States, there never was an age which so little justified the lament as the present. The qualities of determination and perseverance, which so distinguish the English in whatever portion of the earth they may reside, have contributed largely to the success that almost invariably attends their efforts in this country.

Many of the prominent residents of this county are English by birth or parentage, and notable among them is Mr. Elliott who is operating as a farmer on section 36 Amboy Township. He was born in Devonshire, England. August 16, 1823 and passed the early years of his life in the land of his birth. His father, Richard, was a farmer and the youth of our subject was an uneventful one, passed in a similar manner to that of most farmers' boys. At the age of twenty year's, he emigrated to America, coming to Phoenixville, Va. and engaging in making railroad iron in the iron works. For fourteen years he sojourned in the Keystone State and meanwhile made three visits to the Old Country, which occupied somewhat more than a year.

Upon leaving Phoenixville, Mr. Elliott came to this county and purchasing a farm in May Township operated there as a farmer for about fourteen years. He improved his place and was enabled to sell it at a fair advance on its original cost, at the time of his removal to Amboy Township. The buildings on his farm, most of which are first-class, have principally been erected by himself. His industrious life has brought its own reward in the possession of three hundred and twenty acres, located partly in May Township and partly in Amboy Township. Since coming to this county he has engaged exclusively in agricultural operations and stork-raising, ami is a thoroughly practical and successful farmer.

Mr. Elliott was married in Devonshire Kngland, to Miss Charlotte Nicholls, who was born at that place in April 1830. Mr. and Mrs, Elliott have five surviving children, namely: Emily, Richard J., Albert H., Charles W. and Alfred M. They have suffered a deep bereavement in the death of five children, four of whom passed away in in- fancy, while Thomas G died when seventeen years old. The parents of Mrs. Elliott were Geoffrey and Isabella (Almond) Nicholls, natives of Devonshire England, who passed their entire lives in their native shire. The parents of Mr. Elliott were Richard and Mary (Foote) Elliott, who likewise lived and died in Devonshire, and were worthy people, highly esteemed in the community where they resided. In his political belief, Mr. Elliott is a Democrat, and has served as School Director as well as having been the incumbent of other minor offices in the township.

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