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Dr. Oliver Everett

Dixon's mayor for 1863 was Dr. Oliver Everett, Lee COunty's pioneeer doctor, and in his time one of the best-loved and most respected men in the state.

Besides being the county's pioneer physician, Dr. Everett was also a nationally known geologist and naturalist, and some of his collections, gathered from youth to old age, are today among the exhibits at Loveland Community building in Dixon.

Born in Worthington, Mass. in 1811, Dr. Everett started west soon after receiving his medical degree, and reaching Dixon in 1836, when few families had arrived, decided to make the Rock River settlement his home.

A Lee county historian and newspaperman, the late Frank Stevens, in incorporating Dr. Everett's treatise on Lee county geology into his "History of Lee County," speaks of the county's first physician, thus:


"Night and day, for over half a century he rode the country administering to the sick. Nights and days he traveled, first the trackless prairies, then the muddy roads. Many times he had driven for 48 hours at a stretch before seeking his pillow. To the rich and poor he ministered alike. If the patient was poor his name never found its way into Doctor Everett's account book and thus a fortune was scattered over the county of Lee as his contribution towards building up this community.

In that long and busy practice, he assisted soemthing like five thousand children into this world, and it is with pride that I place my name in the long, long list of children who so early greeted the good old doctor, whose presence and assistance at such a period was so important.

He died in Dixon May 1, 1888

Dixon Evening Telegraph May 1, 1951

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