Lee County Biography

Dr. John B.Felker
Amboy Township

The medical profession has at all times attracted to its practice men of broad knowledge and exceptional abilities. Within it they have found a spendid field for experimental research as well as an opportunity for relieving the ills to which all humanity is heir. The city of Amboy has been the home of many able practitioners and skillful surgeons, among whom none are remembered with greater affection than the gentleman whose name iintroduces these paragraphs and who passed from the scenes of his former usefulness to enter unponhis final rest in May, 1888.

Not alone in the city which had been his home for years prior to his demise, but also in the surrounding country. Dr. Felker was extensively known and universally esteemed. His genial disposition as well as his ability to quickly relieve suffering, endearedhim to his patients, while in social and business life he was a plesing companion and a prominent citizen. At the time of his decease he was still in life's prime, having been born in 1838, in Maryland. The surroundings of his youth were such as were common to the lads of that day and he passed his boyhood days in a comparatively uneventful manner, alternating attendance at school with the discharge of duties at home.

In 1867 Dr. Felker was united in marriage with Miss Eliza Jane Miller, a native of Franklin of Franklin County, and the daughter of Henry and Eliza Miller, who were likewise born in Franklin County, but are now deceased, their death having occurred in Greencastle, that county. Mr. Miller and his good wife were worthy people and gave to the eleven children of which they were parents, good common school educations and such training as would prepare them for responsible positions in the world. Their daughter Eliza was fitted by her education to hold a prominent place in society while she was also reared to discharge home duties efficiently. Dr. Felker brought his bride to Amboy December 1, 1867, and it remained their home during all their wedded life. The children granted to them who survive are May Gertrude, John B., Jr. and Abram H. H. Trusie is deceased. The two youngest children remain at home with their mother: May Gertrude is a pupil in Rockford Seminary, where she expects to complete her siminary course of six years, in June, 1892.

The political views of Dr. Felker brought him into affiliation with the Democratic party, which he always supported with his ballot and influence. He was called to occupy some of the highest offices within the power of his fellow-citizens to bestow upon him, serving as Alderman and as Mayor, as well as a member of the Legislature to represent his district. He also took a prominent part in medical societies, being identified with the American Medical Association, the Illinois State Medical Society and some local medical organizations. Mrs. Felker holds membershipin the Congregational Church and is a lady of benevolent impulses, to whom the destitute never appeal for aid in vain.

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