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William Grove is a veteran of the late war who has been a member of the farming community of Lee County ever since he left the army, and lias done as good service in the interests of agriculture and in the improvement of the farm that he now owns and occupies in Willow Creek Township. He was born in Frederick County, Md., September 15, 1834, and is a son of William Grove, who was also a native of Maryland. His father, Jacob Grove, is supposed to have been of English birth, and to have emigrated to America in his early manhood, and ever after to have lived in Maryland until death closed his mortal career.

William Grove was reared and married in his native State, Cornelia Clay becoming his wife. She was also of Maryland birth, and was a daughter of John Clay, who was a nephew of Henry Clay.

Before the introduction of railways, Mr. Grove was employed in teaming between different points in Maryland and Pennsylvania, driving a six- horse team and transporting produce, merchandise, etc In 1837 he became a pioneer settler of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, where he carried on his old business for a time, and was then engaged in a foundry during the remainder of his residence there. In 1847 he removed to Seneca County and leased a tract of timber land nine miles from Tiffin. He built on the land, cleared several acres and put them under cultivation. A' few years later he went to Fulton County, and, after renting land there for a time, bought a farm upon which he dwelt until 1860, when he sold it in order to spend his declining years in this county, where he died at a ripe age. He was a brave soldier in the War of 1812. His wife preceded him in death many years, dying during their residence in Mt. Vernon, in 1844. They reared ten children to lives of usefulness.

The subject of this sketch was very young when be commenced to assist his father in clearing land and tilling the soil, and he continued thus helping him until 1863. In the month of December, that year, he threw aside his work to take part in the war, and on many a hard-fought battlefield displayed true soldierly valor and won a good record for faithful performance of duty, wherever placed. He went to the front as a member of Company H One Hundredth Ohio Infantry, and remained with his regiment until after the close of the Rebellion. He took part in the battles of Missionary Ridge and Chickamauga, was with Sherman in his march to Atlanta, and fought in the various engagements with the enemy on the way and in the siege and capture of that city, and was with his regiment in the battles of Franklin and Nashville. He was honorably discharged from the service in July, 1865.

Returning to his old home in Ohio after the war, in the same year, Mr. Grove came to this county and bought a farm in Willow Creek Township. Three years later he sold that place, and bought his present farm in the same township, and is conducting his agricultural operations very profitably. His land is exceedingly fertile, is under admirable tillage, and is supplied with all the necessary buildings and machinery. In the management of his farm, he shows himself to be a competent farmer, with a good understanding of the best methods for prosecuting bis calling, and he stands well in bis community as a fair and honest dealer and a most worthy citizen.

Mr. Grove has by no moans been without the help of a good wife, as he was married in 1861 to Miss Amanda Gee, a native of Seneca County, Ohio, and she has done her share of the work in the making of their home. They have nine children, whom they have named Emma, Cornelia, Nora, Ada, Ella, George, John, Nellie and Clyde.

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