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Israel Hallock
Wyoming Township

Hallock Residence

Lee County may well be proud of the record of her pioneers, who were earnest, resolute, self-respecting, self-helpful, hardworking men, well fitted to cope with the difficulties and hardships of frontier life, and performed a great work in developing the resources of the country. Among those who ae still living amid the scenes of their early struggles with the forces of nature that have produced such grand results, enjoying a hale and cheerful old age, is Deacon Israel Hallock, and his fellow-citizens in Wyoming Township and elsewhere do him honor not only as one of the early settlers of this region and one of its prosperous farmers, but for his genuine worth as a man and a citizen.

Our subject was born June 16, 1818 in Mt. Hope, Orange County, NY and is descended from some of the early families of that State. His father, Joseph Hallock, was born in the same county as himself, while hsi grandfather, was born in Suffolk County, Long Island. He in turn was the son of another Israel Hallock, who was also a native of Suffold County, and was a son fo one Zebulon Hallock, who wsa born in the same place as himself, which was likewise the birthplace of his father, Wm. H. Hallock. The father of the latter was Wm. hallock, a native of Long Island, and a son of Peter Hallock, who, says tradition was the first white settler to put his foot on the Island. He was of English birth, came to this country when a young man, landed at Hallock's Neck, Southold, Long Island in 1640, and there dwelt in peace and contentment the remaining years of his sojourn on earth.

The great-grandfather of our subject removed from Suffolk County to the main land durin the latter part of his life and spent his remaining years in Orange County. The grandfather of our subject was reared and married in Orange County, the maiden name of his wife being Reed. He was a farmer, and carried on farming in Mt. Hope Twp. where he died in fullness of time. The father of our subject grew to man's estate in his native county, and in due time took unto himself a wife in the person of Esther Youngs, a native of Suffolk COunty, L.I. and a daughter of Thomas and Esther (Comstock) Youngs; she died in Orange COunty. Mr. Hallock adopted the calling of a farmer and pursued it in his native town until 1835, when he left Mt. Hope and took up his residence in Luzerne County PA. Thence he came to IL in 1841, and was a pioneer of Wyoming Twp. purchasing of his son a claim on section 24. His last years were spent here, and at his death he was laid to rest in the cemetery at South Paw Paw. He was twice married and was the father of fifteen children. He served in the War of 1812.

Our subject was 17 years old when he went to PA with his family, and he remained an inmate of the parental home until he married and established one of his own in 1839. In the spring of 1840 he came to IL with his young wife to try his fortunes on the rich soil of the Prairie State. They journeyed thither with a horse and wagon and after traveling six weeks and five days arrived in Stark County, where he proposed to locate. After his arrival he traded his wagon for 40 acres of land, and borrowed $50 with which to pay the balance. He invested also in a cow, and then had $3 left with which to comence housekeeping. The locality where he settled was very unhealthful so he and his wife only staid there 3 or 4 months and then came to Lee County as a much more desirable place of residence. They found this part of the country in all its original wildness, with but few white settlers and the land, which was all owned by the Government, had not been sub-divided.

On coming to Lee County, Deacon Hallock bought a claim on the southwest quarter of section 24, of what is now Wyoming Township. Three acres were fenced and broken, but there were no buildings on it. His first work was to erect a log house in which he wintered. At first he had no team to work with, as he had exchanged his horse for his land, but he was very industrious and soon had the wherewithal to buy a pair of steers, which he broke and for some yeard did all his farm work and marketing with them. In the spring of 1841 he sold his claim to his father, and made a claim to a tract of land on section 25, the same Township. He built a log house, and at once commenced to improve the land. He worked hard, his labors being directed by good judgment, and he prospered accordingly. He placed all his land under excellent cultivation, erected a neat set of frame buildings, and planted fruit and shade trees, including a grove of beautiful maples, which gave the farm its name as "Maple Grove Farm." When he first settled on the place there were no railways and he used to carry his grain to market in Chicago with an ox-team, a week being consumed in making the round trip. In 1873 he sold his homestead, on which he had expended so many years of care and labor, and removed to the place he now occupies on section 24, Wyoming Twp., the farm improved by his father-in-law, Deacon Orlando Boardman. His residence stands on the ground where the Baptist Church was organized.

Deacon Hallock was married Dec. 19, 1839 to Miss Persis P.M. Boardman, and for more than half a century they have walked hand in hand, faithfully sharing the joys and sorrows falling to their lot, and giving to the community where they have lived for 51 years the example of a true wedded life. Of the children born unto them two grew to maturity, Jane Elizabeth and William H. William was born December 28, 1851, and was reared and educated in his native county. He was married Dec. 31, 1876 to Miss Althea Ketchum and died January 19, 1883, leaving two children, Jessie and Frankklin William. Jane Elizabeth married S.A. Tarr, and they have six children - Franklin, Reuben and Robert (twins), Mary, Thomas and Lida.

Mrs. Hallock was born in the town of Corinth, Saratoga County NY, Feb. 27, 1819. Her father, Orlando Boardman was a native of Massachusetts, from which his father, Daniel Boardman, went ot the primeval wilds of Saratoga County and was a pioneer of Corinth, where he engaged in the drug business, passing his remaining years there. The maiden name of his was Averill. Mrs. Hallock's father grew to manhood in Saratoga County. In 1827 he went from ther to Luzerne County PA and operated a sawmill and carried on a thriving lumber business, as he had previously done in Saratoga County. In 1840 he became a pioneer of Lee County, buying a tract of Government land on Section 24, Wyoming Twp. which he developed into a choice farm and made it his home until death closed his eyes June 10, 1873, in the sleep that knows no waking his side of eternity. The maiden name of his wife was mary Brace, adn she was a a daughter of Daniel and Mary (Rowland) Brace. She was born in Saratoga COunty NY and died in Luzerne County PA in 1832, at the age of 36.

Our subject is a self made man in the truest sense of the term, and well deserves the success that has attended hes efforts, as in all his relations with others and in all his dealings, he has borne himself honorably - honesty, truthfulness and justice his guiding principles throughout a long life that has passed the 73 milestone; his wife is also more than 73 years old. She was attached by a stroke of paralysis on October 3, 1891, from which she has not recovered and and she is in a very feeble condition at the time of this writing (1892). This worthy couple, who are deeply respected by all who know them, are earnest Christians, and for 49 years have been members of the Baptist Church, in which he has officiated as Deacon for 41 years.

Transcribed by Christine Walters - Portraits and Biographical Lee County IL Pg 496


Israel F. Hallock
Birth: Jun. 16, 1818 - Death: Apr. 26, 1909

Deacon Israel F. Hallock, the son of Joseph and Ester (Young) Hallock was born on June 16, 1818 in Orange County, New York and is the eighth generation from Peter Hallock, a pilgrim from England, who landed at Hallock's Neck, Long Island in 1640. In December of 1840 Israel F. came to Lee County, Illinois, he settled at Paw Paw Grove, where he was engaged in farming until 1892 when he retired and moved to Paw Paw in 1899.
On December 19, 1839 he was united in marriage to Persis P. Boardman, the daughter of Deacon Orlando and Mary (Brace) Boardman, and to this union two children were born; Jane E. (Mrs S.A. Tarr) and William H. who is now deceased.
He was appointed deacon in 1850 and had served continuously in that capacity.

Contributed by Karen Holt - Burial: South Paw Paw Cemetery Paw Paw Lee County Illinois, USA


Persis P.M. (Boardman) Hallock
Birth: 27 Feb 1819 - Death: 05 May 1892

Persis P.M. Boardman, the daughter of Deacon Orlando and Mary (Brace) Boardman was born on February 27, 1819 in the town of Corinth, Saratoga County, New York.
Persis was united in marriage on December 19, 1839 to Deacon Israel F. Hallock and for more than half a century they walked hand in hand, faithfully sharing the joys and sorrows falling to their family and giving to the community where they have lived for over fifty years, the example of a true wedded life. Of the children born unto them two grew to maturity, Jane Elizabeth and William H. Hallock.
Persis and her parents came to Lee County in the year of 1840 buying a tract of Government land in Wyoming Township which her father, Deacon Orlando developed into a choice farm.
Persis and her husband were members for over fifty years of the Baptist Church in which he has officiated as Deacon for forty-one years. Persis was one of thirteen who in 1841, organized the Paw Paw Baptist Church. Her husband was the second member received by baptism into the church.

Contributed by Karen Holt - Burial: South Paw Paw Cemetery Paw Paw Lee County Illinois, USA

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