Lee County Biography

Anton W. Harms
Palmyra Township

Prominent in agricultural and social circles of Palmyra Township, and well known throughout the entire county, Mr. Harms has won the esteem of his associates and the respect of all with whom he comes in contact. He is the owner of a splendid estate comprising 120 acres located on sections 2 and 3, which was formerly included in the old homestead of his father. Since the place came into his possession, about 1882, many improvements have been introduced and changes effected whereby the value of the land has been increased ocnsiderably.

Among those who emigrated from Germany during the early half of this century and sought to establish homes in the US, were Anton Harms, Sr., and his family. The father left his family in Buffalo NY and proceeded alone to IL in search of a location. Duirng his absence, the wife and mother became very ill, died and was buried before he could return to NY. Afterward he brought his children to this county and here was united in marriage with Anna Hector, who like himself was a native of Oldenburg, Germany.

Lee County is the native home of our subject, who was born October 28, 1854. His opportunities for securing an education were limited to the common schools of the district, and his time was mostly devoted to aiding his father on the farm. The farm which had been purchased on coming to this county was on sections 2,3, and 4, and Anton Harms, Sr., continued its improvement until he passed away July 15, 1878. He was 78 years old at the time of death having been born in 1800. His wife survived him and did on the home farm March 14, 1890, aged 70 years. They were faithful members of the Lutheran Church and sincere Christians.

The marriage of our subject united him with Miss Mary S. Ahrens, who as born in Oldenburg Germany August 12, 1859. When 12 years of age she accompanied her parents, Arend H. and Christina (Socker) Ahrens to this country and settled with them in Center Grove, Clinton County Iowa, whence two years later they removed to SterlingIL and here they now reside. Theya re consistent members of the Lutheran Church, honored by all who know them, and now in the twilight of their lives, when the shadows are deepening near the shores of eternity, they can look back upon lives well spent.

Three children have been born to Mr. Harms and his estimable wife - Arthur H., Herbert W., and Jesse B. There are no measures porpposed for the advancements of the interests of this community and its citizens, which fail to receive the hearty endorsement and support of Mr. harms. He is numbered among the most ardent supporters of the Republican party. He and his wife are identified with the Lutheran CHurch are are faithful members of that denomination. His dairy interests are extensive and he owns 30 milch cows, selling the milk to the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Factory of Dixon.

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