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Authoress of the adopted school song of Lee county; Daughter of the American Revolution, Dixon Chapter; Daughter of the Illinois Daughters of 1812; graduate of Franklin Grove High School, class of 1885; of Dixon College, 1891, later A. M.; Northern Illinois State Normal School at De Kalb, 1900; upper senior in University of Chicago. A native of Lee county.

The first members of her family moved to Illinois in 1838, a year before Lee county was organized. By profession a city school teacher of sub-normal pupils; friend of the newsboys and unfortunate children of the streets.

Words by Adella Helmershausen
Music by Henry C. Work - (Tune--"Marching Through Georgia")

For the benediction of the heavens overhead
For the dauntless courage where our fathers fought and bled;
For the grace and glory where our brothers on have led,
Hail to our loyal Lee County!

Chorus:: We hail in song the Beautiful and Free,
A song of cheer, loved and Loyal Lee,
Forth thy starry banner floats for Law and Liberty
Over thine altars forever.

From the blue Rock River with its vanishing canoe.
From the grove and thicket where the deer have skirted through,
From the open prairie with the cabin still in view.
Hail to our loyal Lee County!

Dost thou dream O county loved, of "Lighthorse Harry" Lee,
How his dashing cohorts rode as legions of the Free,
How he crowned our Washington with deathless eulogy?
Hail to our loyal Lee County!

Where the Dixon Ferry ran above the river's swell.
Where the menaced shadow of the chieftain Black Hawk fell,
Where the saintly Lincoln fought, once more the battle tell,
Hail to our loyal Lee County!

In the lofty rigging where the winds are whistling sweet
By the soldier's campfire where his comrades often meet
Sailor lad and soldier lad "three cheers" afar repeat,
Hail to our loyal Lee County

Wake the chiming chorus, touch the great bells everywhere,
Swell the joyful music in the Illinoisan air.
With our watchword "Victory!'' and "Peace" our battle prayer,
Hail to our loyal Lee County!

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.


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