Lee County Biography

Justus Henert

Son of George Henert

A farm of two hundred and forty acres situated on section 16, Reynolds township, pays tribute to the care and labor bestowed upon it by Justus H. Henert, who has there lived since his marriage. He has a wide acquaintance in this county, for he is one of its native sons as well as one of its progressive young farmers. His birth occurred July 2, 1883, in the township in which he still makes his home, his father being George Henert, of whom mention is made on another page of this work. His boyhood days were passed in the usual manner of farm lads, his time being divided between the duties of the schoolroom, the pleasures of the playground and the work of the fields. He continued to assist in the cultivation of the old home place until he reached the age of twenty-three years, when he was married and started out in life on his own account. It was in 1907 that he wedded Miss Emma Kersten, who was born in Ashton township, this county, January 27, 1887, and is a daughter of Hartman R. and Sophia (Newman) Kersten, who were also natives of Lee county and representatives of old pioneer families here. The father is now living in Ashton, but the mother passed away in 1899. They had a family of four children, all of whom survive.

Following his marriage Justus H. Henert began farming on the place where he now lives, having two hundred and forty acres, which is pleasantly and conveniently situated not far from Rochelle and Ashton. The land is arable, and the productiveness of the soil makes good return for the care and labor which he bestows upon it. In connection with the raising of crops he owns and operates a threshing machine, a corn sheller and a wood saw. His farm is splendidly equipped with all modern farm implements and machinery as well as with good buildings. He makes a specialty of raising and feeding stock and his annual sales of cattle and hogs bring him a gratifying return. Today he has one of the best improved farms in his township, lacking in none of the accessories and conveniences of a model property of the twentieth century. It forms one of the attractive features of the landscape, and it indicates in its well kept appearance the care and attention of a progressive owner.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Henert have been born two children: Roland H., born January 30, 1909; and Luella C, born December 5, 1912. The parents are well known and have a large circle of warm friends in Reynolds and adjoining townships. Mr. Henert votes with the republican party, but the honors and emoluments of office have had no attraction for him. Fraternally he is connected with the Modern Woodmen of America at Ashton. All of his other interests, however, are made subservient to those of his home and his farm. He gives close application to his business, and his energy, intelligently directed, has brought to him gratifying success.

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.

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