Lee County Biography

Nathaniel Hill
South Dixon Twp.

Nathan Hill was during his life closely connected with the leading interests of SOuth Dixon Twp. as an extensive farmer and land-holder, and as one of its wealthy citizens and in his death this section of the county met with a serious loss.

He married Miss Catherine Haight, who was born and reared in the Keystone State, and in after life they abandoned their farm in that section of the county and caem to Illinois in 1854 with their children, including our subject and his wife. The father died in this country when past seventy years old, and the mother was over eighty years of age when she died in Dixon in 1880. Both were members of the Lutheran CHurch.

Nathan Hill received his education in the schools of his native county and was carefully instructed in all kinds of agricultural work on the farm where his boyhood days were profitably and pleasantly spent. Some years after marriage he came here with other members of his father's family toe stablish a new home on the virgin soil of Lee County, greatly aided in his work by his devoted helpmate. He had many difficulties to contend with in his pioneer life, but a strong will, a good capacity for hard and persistant labor, and excellent business tact enabled hiim to surmount all obstacles, and in time he became prominent as a farmer and large land-owner. He had passed the meridian of life but by no means was an old man when death came to him June 10, 1876, in the pleasant home on section 19, South Dixon Twp. that was the result of the joint labors of himself and wife. Thus was brought to a close an honorable career that had been beneficial to his adopted county, as he had added to its wealth by every acre of his landed possessions he had placed under cultivation, and he was valued as a citizen. He was a man of strict moral integrity, who never willfully wronged another, and was conscientious in the discharge of his duties as a husband, father, neighbor and friend, and none knew him but to trust and esteem him. In politics he was a straight forward Democrat.

Our subject was eminently happy in his domestic life with his wife and hcildren. He was married in his native county to Miss Judith Billheimer, who was alborn in that part of Pennsylvania, her birthplace being in Salem Twp. and the date October 14, 1818. Her parents, Christian and Catherine (Hoover) Billheimer were born in Northampton County Pa. but were reared, married and died in Luzerne County, her father being past three-score years and ten when death summoned him, and her mother more than 84 years when she died. They wer staunch and true in their allegiance to the religious faith in which they were bred, that of the Lutheran Church,of which they were members. Mrs. Hill is the only survivor of the children born to her parents. She attended the public school of her native county, and was well drilled at home in allt hat goes to make a good housekeeper. Since the death of her husband she has owned in her own right a valuable farm of one hundred and twenty-five acres, and is managing it in a manner that shows that she is sagacious, thrifty and far-sighted and is perfectly capable of conducting her affairs in a businesslike way and so as to make the best of everyting. She is a motherly, large-hearted woman, and her neighbors find in her a true friend. She is a tender mother, and her children, of whom she has eleven, hold her in the warmest regard. They are Esther, Christian, William, Henry, Thomas J, John L., Reuben A., Mary C., Anna M., Andrew J., Jacob S and Lydia E. Mrs. Hillis a devoted member of the Lutheran Church with which she has been connected all her life.

The attractive residence in which this hospitable family entertain their many friends, is among the most pleasant in the community.

1892 Portrait and Biographical Record Lee Co Pg 359


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