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Henry Hintz, who follows general farming on section 24, Nachusa Township, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, April 23, 1866. His parents were Peter and Sophia (Miller) Hintz, who in Mecklenburg, their native province, were reared and married. For several years Mr. Hintz engaged in running a flat boat from his home to Hamburg, Germany. Three children were born unto them in the Fatherland, but one had died ere the emigration of the family to America, in 1872. They crossed the Atlantic in a steamer, landing at Castle Garden, New York City, in the spring of that year. Stopping not in the East, they continued their journey to Dixon, IL., and soon afterward settled upon a farm in Palmyra Township, where the father was employed as a farm hand. He was in very limited circumstances at that time, in fact, was $40 in debt, but ere his death became well-to-do.

In Ogle County, Mr. Hintz, Sr., purchased one hundred and twenty acres of land and to the development and improvement of his farm devoted his entire time and attention until called to his final rest, January 23, 1888, at the age of fifty years. He was a worthy and valued citizen and in political sentiment was a Republican. In religious belief he was a Lutheran, to which church Mrs. Hintz also belongs. She still resides on the old homestead in Ogle County, at the age of fifty years. With her live her two sons, William and Charles, who operate the farm for their mother. Our subject is the eldest of the three brothers.

He was a lad of six summers when he crossed the Atlantic, and under the parental roof he remained until after attaining his majority. He was reared to farm life and when he started out for himself continued to engage in agriculture. As a companion and. helpmate on life's journey, he chose Miss Elnora Floto, their union being celebrated in Taylor Township, Ogle County, January 31, 1889. The lady was born on her father's farm in that locality, on the 8th of Octpber, 1865, and is the youngest daughter of Louis Floto, whose sketch appears elsewhere in this work. In the common schools her education was acquired, and she remained at home until she gave her hand in marriage to Mr. Hintz. Unto them were born two children, but one died in infancy. The other is a little son, Harry.

In 1889, Mr. Hintz purchased eighty acres of land on section 24, Nachusa Township, and has since engaged in its cultivation. He is one of the wide­awake enterprising young farmers of the commu­nity who will undoubtedly make of life a success. In politics, he supports the Republican party and keeps himself well informed concerning the issues of the day. Himself and wife are both members of the Evangelical Association. Although they have resided in Lee county but a short time, they have already formed a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and made many warm friends.

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