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Charles M. Huguet is numbered among the prosperous business men of Dixon, where he has a repository for the sale of carriages and harness. He is a native of the city of Paris, France, and first saw the light of day in the French capital April 30, 1847. He came of one of the old families of his native country, and is a son of Nicholas Huguet, who was also a Parisian by birth, and in after years he became a prominent pioneer of Central Illinois. He grew to manhood and was finely educated in his native city, and at twenty-one yean of age, such a high reputation had he already won for scholarship, that he was made principal of a college, and occupied that honorable position for a period of twenty-four years. Then worn by the cares entailed upon him in the discharge of his arduous duties, he resigned the principalship and sought a new life in the wilds of America. That was in the year 1819, and after he had landed on these shores he made his way far into the interior of the country until he came to Illinois, he found himself in Peoria County, and, pleased with its natural beauty and other advantages, he resolved to make his future within its bounds. He settled first in Peoria, buying eighty acres of land, which is now included in the heart of the city, the court house standing on a part of it. The following year he sold that and bought a tract of land near the present site of the village of Washington, the land being mostly timbered and was purchased at a very low price. The surrounding country was but thinly inhabited, and deer and other kinds of game had not yet fled before the advancing step of civilization at the time of his settlement in that region. Mr. Huguet at once set about improving his land, and by years of hard labor placed it in a fine condition, early paying off his indebtedness on it as he was in limited circumstances when he located on it, and had to buy it on credit. He prospered exceedingly, and from time to time bought other land until he had six hundred acres, the greater pari of which was highly improved, and he became one of the wealthy men of his county. He resided on his farm until 1880, when he removed to the village of Washington, where he lived retired until he closed his eyes in death in December, 1890, at a ripe old age. The mother of our subject was born in Paris, and now resides at Washington, where she is well knowu and respected as a woman of much worth. She is the mother of the following: Josephine, Julius, Maurice, Mary. Charles M., Nicholas, Peter, and Julia.

As our subject was only two years old when his parents brought him to this country, he can have no recollections of his native city, but all his early remembrances are connected with the pioneer home in which he spent his youth. As soon as he was large enough to be of any assistance he had to help support the family. At the age of nineteen he commenced to learn the trade of a carriage trimmer at Burlington, Iowa. He worked there a few months, and then went to El Paso, Woodford County, in this State, and worked there a short time. Rockford was his next, place of employment, and he was there a year and a half. After that, Ottawa was his place of abode for a while, and he did journey-work in that city. In 1872 he came to Dixon, and was engaged at his trade here for a time as a journeyman, but he did not then locate in this city permanently, being employed in various places until 1886, and since that he has made his home here. He opened a carriage and harness repository, and has built up a substantial business.

Mr. Huguet was married in 1877 to Miss Margaret Trimmer, who was born of German parentage, and was reared in Tazewell County. In their pleasant home one daughter completes the household, and she bears the name of Margaret Sophia. In the tact, courtesy and geniality that he manifests in his intercourse with others, our subject shows that he inherits a fair share of those pleasing characteristics of his countrymen, and he is warmly regarded by all who know him well. He gives due attention to politics, and in National elections votes with the Democrats, holding himself independent at other times. Socially, he is a member of the Benevolent Chapter, No. 841, M. W. A., and of Dixon Lodge, No. 137.

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