Lee County Biography

George Washington Hulbert

Bradford Twp.


Although death has laid its chill hand upon our subject and has stilled his pulse, there is still emanation of his spirit breathing out remembrances of the good that he has done, and examples that might well be emulated by the young. Mr. Hulbert was born in Bradford County, Pa., January 24, 1836, and was six years of age when he was brought by his parents, Elias and Hannah Hulbert to this county. He grew to manhood in Bradford Township where the father located on coming to the county and engaged in cultivating the soil as his life occupation. He devoted his time and attention to that pursuit very successfully until his deatb which occurred January 5, 1888. Mr.Hulbert was married in Dixon, September 29, 1859, the lady of his choice being Miss Loraine L. Evitts. She was the daughter of Ralph B. and Elizabeth (Bosworth) Evitts, the father, a native of Pennsylvania and the mother born in New York. Her parents came to this county from New York and settled in Bradford Township, where they made their home until their death. They were the parents of five children, three daughters and two sons, of whom Mrs. Hulbert was the second in order of birth.

The wife of our subject was born near Buffalo, N. Y. July 28, 1836 and was only six years of age at the time her parents removed to this county, where she received a good knowledge of books and grew to a useful womanhood. She made her home under the parental roof, where she received a careful training by her most excellent mother until her marriage with our subject. To them were born three children: Harvey D., who married Hattie Hegart; Charles M. married Sarah Hegart, and Mattie J., who is the wife of Frank E. Frost, well known in this section.

Mr. Hulbert, of this sketch, was honored by his fellow-townsmen with many positions of responsibility and trust, and in all of them gave the utmost satisfaction. Among them we mention that of Assessor, Collector of his township, etc. In politics he was a firm adherent of Republican principles and hence always cast his vote in favor of that partys candidates. Since the death of her husband Mrs. Hulbert has conducted the estate which fell to her and has thus proved her efficiency and ability to manage a farm and build up a business which is both profitable and pleasant. The farm numbers one hundred and twenty acres and is cultivated in such manner as to be exceedingly productive. Prior to his death our subject introduced the Bradford Mutual Insurance Company in Lee County and acted as its Treasurer and agent, having built up a thriving business in that line.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Pg 320


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