Lee County Biography

George Hunt
China Township

George Hunt has been a useful and highly respected citizen of Lee County for 35 years. He has devoted himself principally to farming during all these years and is entitled to a worthy place among the pioneers of China Township, where he has improved a good farm, comprising a part of secton 22. He was born in Leicestershire, England, March 14, 1815. He grew to a stalwart manhood in the land of his birth, and having learned the trade of a blacksmith, he followed it there until he ws 24 years old. He then turned his back on his old English home and crossed the ocean to this country. For several years he was engaged at his trade in Oneida County, N.Y. and at the same time kept a country tavern in the town of Marcy. In the spring of 1856, he wound up his affairs there, having decided to try agricultural pursuits on the fertile soil of the great Prairie State.

Mr. Hunt chose Lee County as his future home, and, buying a farm on section 22, China Township has ever since been a resident of this part of Illinois. He has been engaged chiefly in farming and owns eighty acres of valuable farming land which is under admirable tillage, is provided with suitable buildings, and is a very desirable and well kept place.

During his reisdence in Oneida County NY Mr. Hunt was married, April 19, 1847 to Elizabeth Moseley, who was a native of the same English shire as himself, born March 11, 1824. For forty years and more she walked by his side, was to him a cheerful helper, encouraged him by her presence and wise counsel, and left nothing undone that would contribute to his comfort and well-being. December 16, 1888, death crossed the threshold of the home where they had lived so long together, and the beloved wife fell into that sleep that knows no waking this side of eternity. She was a Christian and a devoted member of the Church of England, in which faith she had been bred.

Industry and frugality, combined with good judgment an dhonesty of purpose and act, having brought our subject due reward, and he is well fortified against want and the necessity of hard labor. His sterling merits, his kindly nature, and his neighborliness have gained him a warm place in the hearts of his fellow-citizens. He has sensible opinions on all subjects with which he is familar, and in his political views is not bound to any party, but is independent.

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