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Frank J. Kearns

Frank J. Kearns, now retired and living at 20 Lenox Avenue, White Plains, NY is a former Dixon boy who made his mark in the outside world. He was graduated with highest honors from North Dixon High School in 1896, a little older than the members of his class because he had worked in the milk factory for three years to get enough money to be able to go back to school.

After graduation he worked at the hard, rough life of a wandering lineman. He attended school at the old Steinman Academy for awhile, went to South Dakota when it was frontier country, and finally went to Europe. James Warner, a brother of Henry C. and Robert L. Warner of Dixon, went with him.

In Europe Kearns studied and learned several languages. In fact, he speaks seven. He became associated with the American Radiator company and was finally secretary to the president, who has mde the statement that Dixon ought to erect a monument to Frank Kearns because of his attainments and intellectual ability.

Kearns was manager of the American Radiator Co. factory and interests in Milan Italy, rebuilt the American Radiator plant in Germany and also managed a similar enterprise in Spain. His knowledge and talents were valuable to the government during WW I. A sister, Miss Sarah Kearns lives in Chicago and Dixon.

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