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George L. Klostermann
Palmyra Township


George L. Klostermann, a well to do farmer residing on section 18, Palmyra Township, is a worthy representative of one of the pioneer families of Lee County. His father, Ernest F. Klosermann, came to Illinois in 1845, and settled in this township. He was a native of Saxony, Germany, and came of a good family, in fact royal blood flowed in his veins. He was highly educated and when a young man started to make a tour through Germany. During his travels he married Miss Alma Klustermann, who was below him in socialstation and for this reason he was ostracized by his family. He then went to Oldenburg and there began life anew with his young bride who proved a true helpmate and faithful companion to him. Some years later with their children they sailed from Bremen to America reaching New York City after a voyage of six weeks. Thence they came to Dixon,IL and the family has since made Lee County their home. Mr. Klostermann was then in limited circumstances and they had to endure many of the hardships and privations of pioneer l ife. For a number of years before they got a foothold, they lived in a log cabin, but at length the father, as the result of his ceaseless activity and industry, was enabled to purchase a tract of land in Palmyra Township - the same on which our subject n ow resides. It continued to be the home of himself and wife until they were called to their final rest. The mother died in 1885 at the age of 70 years and Mr. Klosterman passed away April 25, 1890, at the age of 84 years. They were members of the Lutheran Church and were good Christian people. Mr. Klostermann was quite prominent in this community and was a well-read and well informed man. In politics he was a supporter of the Republican principles. Of the family three sons and a daughter are yet living, but one child died in Germany and two after coming to this country. The daughter, Mrs. Henry Miller is represented elsewhere in this work; Fred is a stockdealer of Sterling; and Henry is a successful barber of Tipton Iowa.

George L. Klostermann was born in Java, Germany, March 29, 1845, and was therefore only six months old when his parents crossed the Atlantic to America. Practically, his entire life has been passed in this county. Under the parental roof he was reared to manhood and his education was acquired in the public schools. After attaining to mature years he chose as a companion on life's journey, Miss Rebecca Lamcken, the wedding ceremony being performed in Prairieville. The lady was born in Blumenthal Germany, April 2, 1848 and is a daughter of John & Katie (Faler) Lameken, natives of Hanover Germany. In early life her father was engaged as manager of a sugar refinery in London. He afterwards returned to Oldenburg where he married Miss Faler who was his second wife. She survived her marriae some 15 years and died at the age of 48 in the faith of the Lutheran Church of which she was a member. Some years later Mr. Lamcken departed this life near Bremen at the age of 70 years. He was a prominent and successful farmer and was a leading member of the Lutheran Church. Mrs. Klostermann with her two brothers and two sisters came to the US in 1866, locating in Lee county. Her brothers, George and Henry are now resident farmers of Grundy County Iowa; one sister is now deceased; and the other returned to the Fatherland.

Mrs. Klostermann was liberally educated in Germany in addition to her literary studies attended a cooking school in Oldenburg. By her marriage she has become the mother of seven children but lost two, Fred and Harry. The living children are Ernest H., Julia F., Edward W., Herbert L and Nellie A. all yet at home. The children have been provided with a good educaional advantages and Miss Julia has attained enviable reputation as a successful school teacher. Mr. Klostermann, his wife and children are members of the Lutheran Church and in political sentiment he is a Prohibitionist.

The home of this family is situated on section 18, Palmyra Twp. where our subject owns 160 acres of highly improved land that constitutes one of the best farms in the community. A comfortable and substantial residence and good outbuildings are among the improvements and the place is well stocked with high grades of horses and cattle, in fact it is complete in all its appointments and Mr. Klostermann is regarded as a model farmer. He has made of his life a success and his prosperity is certainly well deserved.

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