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Phares H. Landis is successfully pursuing his business as a general farmer on his farm of one hundred and sixty- acres, situated on section 27, Nelson Township, which is under excellent improvement, supplied with a good class of buildings, aud is well stocked with cattle, horses and swine of high grades. Mr. Land is was born in Lancaster County, Pa., in the township of the same name, March 6, 1843, and is a son of John N. and Susanna (Hoover) Landis, who were also natives of that county.

The father of our subject was a son of Abraham Landis, and was bora, reared, and died at a good old age on the old homestead in Lancaster County which he owned for many years, and which had been in the family nearly two centuries, the original owners, from whom he was a lineal descendant, having settled on it upon coming from Switzerland in early Colonial times, and it is still in the possession of some of their descendants to this day. Our subject, as was his father, also, was born on this ancestral farm that was hewed from the primeval forests of the "Woods of Penn." The old stock were Whigs in politics, and Mennonites in religion.

After the birth of seven of their children, John N. Landis and wife came to Illinois in 1851, and settled among the pioneers of Whiteside County, locating on an eighty-acre tract of land in Sterling Township. The father was a hard-working farmer, but in the midst of a busy career his life was terminated by his untimely death in 1853, at the age of forty-four", ere he had lived in his new home scarcely two years. He was a conscientious Christian, and a member of the Mennonite Church. After the death of the father, the mother married again, becoming the wife of Emanuel Landis, who is now a retired farmer, living in Sterling. He also is a native of Pennsylvania, but was not related to his wife's former husband.

Our subject is one of the three children still living that were born to his parents. He was but a boy when he accompanied them in their journey to their pioneer home in Whiteside County. He grew to maturity there, and there gained his first experience as a farmer. In 1883 became to this county and purchased the quarter-section of fine farming land, comprising his homestead on section 27, Nelson Township. He has every convenience for tilling the soil and raising stock to the best advantage, and is prospering exceedingly, as he deserves to do, as he gives careful attention to his business, is diligent, and exercises good judgment in his expenditures and investments. He raises a good class of stock, for which he finds a ready sale in the best markets.

To the lady who presides over his home and looks solicitously after the comfort of its inmates, our subject was married during his residence in Sterling Township. Mrs. Landis was formerly Anna E. Shuler, and she is a native of Whiteside County, born in the township where her marriage occurred, November 30, 1856, and she received her education in its schools. Her parents, George F. and Elizabeth (Rosenberry) Shuler,natives respectively of Germany and Pennsylvania, came to this country when single, and afterward united their lives and fortunes. The father purchased and improved a large farm of over five hundred acres of fine farming land. He and his wife, who are held in high honor as pioneers of Whiteside County, are now living retired from active life in the enjoyment of the wealth that they have gathered together by their united work. Mr. and Mrs. Landis have had eight children, who are named as follows: Frank F., Harvey S., Cora E., Bertha M., Arthur R., Ida S., Walter E. and John I. Walter E., and John I. are deceased. Mr. and Mi's. Landis deserve to be, and are, greatly respected by the entire community of people among whom they have cast their lot. They are upright in their daily walk, and their neighbors know that they can be depended upon for those many nameless friendly acts that draw closer the ties of good-fellowship.

Source: Portraits and Biographical Lee County IL 1892

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