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John W. Lievan
South Dixon Township

John W. Lievan Residence, South Dixon Twp. Lee County IL

It is not alone on account of the marvelous fertility of its soil and other fine natural advantages, that this section of Illinois has attained its present high standard of development, as one of the richest and best improved centers of agriculture in the State; but it is in part owing to the fact that its extensive farming and stock interests are handled by men who are wide-awake, sagacious and full of resource, their equipment, mentally and physiclly, fitting them for their calling.

One of this class, John W. Lievan, is the subject of this biographical review. His homestead, which he devotes to grain and stock raising, and to the dairy business, is on section 8, South Dixon Township, and he also owns seventy acres of well improved land in another part of the same township.

Mr. Lievan is a native of Somerset County, Pa., born February 24, 1851, but the most of his life has been passed in this county, as he was but six years old when his father, Mathias Lievan brought his family hither, and settled among the pioneers of South Dixon Township. He was reared on his father's old homestead, receiving an excellent training in all that appertains to farming,a nd was well fitted for that occupation when he assumed its duties on his own account. He has lived on his homestead thirteen years, and has devoted himself assiduously to its improvement.

The buildings rank among the best in the locality and include a well-built, commodious residence and a large, conveniently arranged barn, 40x64 feet in dimensions, with a good basement, besides other out-houses for various purposes. This farm contains 140 acres of land well adapted to general farming and is fuly stocked with cattle, horses and swine of the best breeds, including 30 good cows used in his dairy business, of which Mr. Lievan makes a specialty. He is a man of push and energy, and an excellent manager, always maintains his credit in all financial transactions, and the community of which he has formed a part as boy and man for more than three decades, knows him to be strictly reliable in all things. Politically, he is a Republican; religiously,he is of the Evangelical faith, and is a member of the church of that denomination, to which his wife also belongs.

The marriage of Mr. Lievan united him with Miss Sophia C. Bremer of Marion Township. To them have been born two children, Pearl V. and Myrtle M. Mrs. Lievan is a native of this county, her birth occurring in Palmyra Township, August 21, 1859. She was well educated in the city of Dixon, and at Amboy High School, and is an accomplished woman of much force and decision of character. At the age of 17 she began teaching school, and was engaged in that profession until her marriage. Mrs. Lievan is a daughter of the late Edo A. and Etta (Ahmels) Bremer, who were born in Oldenburg, Germany, near the North Sea, and came of good German stock. Her father was a farmer by occupation. After the birth of their three eldest children, he and his wife emigrated with the family to the United States, sailing hither in June 1854 and coming to IL, made settlement in Palmyra Township. Soon after their third child, John died.

Some years after after locating in this county, Mr. Bremer purchased 80 acres of land in Marion Twp., and improved it into a good farm. In 1882 he retired to Dixon and subsequently became an inmate of the home of our subject, and was tenderly cared for in his last days by his daughter and wife, who survive him. He died Dec. 16, 1889 at the age of 65. He was a Lutheran in religion, and a Democrat in politics. To him and wife were born six children of whom one son and a daughter are deceased. Mrs. Lievan's mother is a loved member of her household. On her last birthday, AUgust 15, 1891 she was 69 years old. She has been connected with the Lutheran Church all her life, and is one of its most conscientious and consistent members.

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