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No class of men has done more for the benefit of this county than the farmers who have redeemed the land from its original wildness, and have thus contributed greatly to the wealth and prosperity visible on every hand. Among these sturdy tillers of the soil is the gentleman whose name is at the head of this biographical review. He has a good sized, neatly equipped farm on section 23, South Dixon Township, which is well-stocked with cattle, horses and swine of fine breeds.

Mr. Lindeman was born in Carroll County, Md., October 1, 1835, a son of John B. Lindeman, who was a highly respected pioneer of Lee County His father was a native of the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, and was descended from a worthy ancestry. He was married in the land of his birth to Elizabeth Lindeman, who was also born and reared there, and came of a good family. After the birth of four children, they concluded that they could rear their offspring to better advantage and provide for them a more comfortable home in the United States of America than they could in their own country, so they emigrated hither in the latter '20s or early '30s, and settled in Carroll County, Md., living for a time in Frederick City. Mr. Lindeman began life in this country as a farm laborer. In the winter of 1844, he brought his family to this State, located in Dixon, and after a time purchased a tract of land in this township.

He worked hard, and in the development of a good farm, did his share in advancing the growth of the county. He and his wife spent their last days on the old homestead, and died in the ripeness of a good old age, he being past seventy-five years old, and she passing away previously when more than three-score years old. They were both truly religious, firm believers in the Lutheran faith, and life-long members of that church.

After our subject became of age, he continued to live with his father for eighteen months, and in that time earned his first $260, which he judiciously invested in eighty acres of wild land, upon which he has since built his home. He worked hard to convert this tract of prairie soil, on which never a furrow had been turned, into a finely cultivated farm, and he not only accomplished his purpose, but has improved other land, adding to his original purchase forty acres at one time, then an eighty-acre tract, and after that still another tract of eighty acres, and recently purchased still another of one hundred and sixty acres, and now has four hundred and forty acres of as fine farming land as can be found within the bounds of the township, upon which he has erected a good class of buildings, and everything about the place de­notes thrift and watchful care in its management. The cattle, horses and swine that are raised on the farm are of fine breeds, and our subject derives a good income from his stock.

In this township, where the most important part of his life has been passed, our subject was united in marriage to Miss Nancy Fritz. Mrs. Lindeman was born in Somerset County, Pa., June 20, 1835, to John and Eva (Mowrey) Fritz, who were also natives of Somerset County, where they passed the early part of their life, both being of German descent. After the birth of all their children, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz left Pennsylvania, and coming to this county, cast in their lot with the pioneers who had preceded them, locating in what is now South Dixon Township on a slightly improved farm. Mr. Fritz further developed that place, bought other new land, and in time had a fine large farm of seven hundred acres. He grew old among the people with whom he had settled, and who learned to respect him for his sterling worth, and died at an advanced age at his home on section 13, on the old Chicago road, he being nearly seventy-six years old at the time of his demise. In religion, he adhered to the faith of his fathers, and was connected with the Lutheran Church in this county for many years, his wife also being a devoted member of that church. She is yet living, making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Lindeman of this notice, and is ninety-three years old..

Mr. and Mrs. Lindeman are among the leading members of the Lutheran Church at St. James, as are their children likewise. They stand high in the estimation of their neighbors, who know them to be sincere, true-hearted people, of irreproachable character, helpful toward others who may be in need of assistance, and always friendly in their relations with all about them. Mr. Lindeman and his sons are stalwart adherents of the Republican party. Our subject and his wife have six children living: Clara, wife of A. J. Lyons, a farmer of Gage County, Neb.; Alice, wife of Edward Burket, a grocer at Crete, Neb.; Ida, wife of Luther Burket, a farmer of Dixon Township; Mary, wife of Lincoln Grover, a banker of McDonalds, Kan.; Clinton and Gilbert, who live with their parents, and assist their father in the management of the farm.

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