Lee County Biography

Joseph T. Little
Viola Township

Joseph T. Little, Deputy County Treasurer of Lee County, well deserves representation in this volume for he has been a resient of Dixon since 1839, and in the years that have since elapsed has been prominentaly connect with its history, its growth and its upbuilding. A native of the Pine Tree State, he was born in Castine ME April 24, 1817. His father, Major Otis Little was born in Mass. but spent the greater part of his life in Hancock County ME where he engaged in merchandising, doing business as a West Indian merchant. He was counsel for a number of the Governors of tht State and for years served as major of the State Militia. Prominent and influential in public affairs, he was a valued citizen of the community. In politics, he was a Whit and afterward a Republican. He died in Hancock CountyME at the age of 77 years. His wife, Dorothy Perkins was born in Maine where she died at the age of 77 years, a faithful companion to herhusband. Both the Major and his wife were members of the Congregational Church.

In the schools of his native county, Joseph Little acquired his education and when 22 years old left home with the determination to seek his fortune in the West. He chose Dixon as the scene of his future labors. This was in 1839 and the city was then a small hamlet. The year after his arrival he returned to his native State and the object of his journey was explained when, on again coming to IL he brought with him his bride. Her name was Ellanor W. Cobb and in Castine ME she was born on April 12, 1818. Her grandfather David Cobb, served as Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Washington during the Revolutionary War and spent his last days in Mt. Vernon. The father of Mrs. Little, Thomas Cobb, was born in Taunton Mass., and spent his entire life in Hancock and Washington Counties. He was an attorney-at-law wherehe served both as Recorder and Register of Deeds.

By this marriage there are seven children, two now deceased; George O., died in childhood, and William A., who while skating accidentally drowned in Rock Rover at the age of 12. Thomas and Charles are extensively engaged in farming in Orgon; Joseph T is engaged in banking and the loan business in Sioux Falls SD; Frank W is President of the Lincoln Electric Street Railway Company of Lincoln Neb. He wedded Miss mary Trimble of Clinton Iowa daughter of Rev. Mr. Trimble, an Episcopal clergyman, now located in Dakota. Mary F., the youngest is the wife of John F. Carpenter of the firm of Brubaker & Carpenter, dry goods merchants of Dixon.

Mr. Little was engaged in various business industries in this city. For some years carried on merchandising and for 16 years engaged in the nursery business, being proprietor of the Nachusa Nursery on Block 7, Dixon. He was one of the first Trustees of the city under the old town organization, has served as Treasurer of his township , was City Alderman for soome years, was one of the first School Commissioners of the county and in 1864 was elected County Treasurer. So ably did he fill that office that it led to his re-election and her served in that position until 1872. He is now Deputy Treasurer, which position he has filled two years. He supports the Republican party and does all in his power to promote its growth. Himself and wife are members of the Baptist Church in which Mr. Little served as Deacon for some years and was clerk for 35 years.

Mrs. Little has always had a large circle of friends who gladly avail themselves of her society. Coming from one of the best families in New England, she brought with her the true New England hospitality and politeness and in the early days of Lee County her house was always open to the missionary. After an experience of over 50 yers of married life, her husband is a firm believer in Solomon's saying that "whoso findeth a wife findeth a good think," and also that "a prudent wife is from the Lord."

Source: Portraits & Biographical Lee County 1892 Pg 461

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