Lee County Biography

Tertius A. Lyman
China Township

We are pleased to present to the consideration of our readers an old settler of China Township, who stands high in the estimation of his neighbors and is justly considered one of the prominent men in the county. He is a progressive and successful farmer whose beautiful estate of 64 acres on section 35 is exceedingly productive and most thoroughly cultivated.

This gentleman was born in Winchester, Cheshire County, N.H. March 13, 1812. He made that place his h ome until 1846, when with his family he came to IL and made location in Lee County, where in Bradford Twp. he purchased a tract of 320 acres. He continued to live there and cultivate his land in a most satisfactory manner until 1869, when he came to China Twp. where he has since made his home.

The subject of this sketch was married in Winchester N.H. to Sarah P. Codding, the date being March 13, 1834. Mrs. Lyman was a native of the county in which she was married, her birth occurring Oct. 19, 1809. She received a good education and has been a helpmate int he truest sense of the word to her worthy husband, for his removal West was at a time when the country was but thinly populated and hardships were everyday occurrences. She bore them all bravely, doing what she could to make the home bright and comfortable, and now in her later years can look back with pride to what has been accomplished by her aid.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman have become the parents of five children - Sarah A. the wife of Charles Wilber; George A. married Mary E. Jones and is avery intelligent young man and is at present editor of the Amboy Journal; Levi H. married Sarah F. Bruce and is residing on a fine farm in China Twp.; Cyrus O. who married Jane Evitts, met his death at Dubuque, Iowa while in a sail boat on the Mississippi River; at the time of his death he was 31 years old; Clymea O. died in infancy.

In political matters Mr. Lyman is independent, reserving the right to vote for the man whom he thinks will best fill the office rather than for party principles. He has always taken an interest in local affairs and is liberal in his contribution to all good works. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman are conscientious and influential members of the Congregational Church, having identified themselves with that religious demonination when 20 years of age.

When fifteen years old our subject, in choosing an occupation for himself, learned the trade of a carpenter, working successfully at that calling for a number of years in N.H. and wielded the hammer and saw for two years after coming to the Prairie State. But after locating here, feeling that he was better fitted to pursue the life of a farmer and the duties of that occupation agreeing in every way with his tastes, he gave up the carpenter trade and became an agriculturist. That he chose wisely and well can not be doubted by those who have the o pportunity to view his beautiful farm, for in every department is displayed the thrift and enterprise of the owner. He has placed upon it good and substantial buildings of every description which are necessary for the successful prosecution of a first-class estate and is enabled to live comfortably and well in his later years. He is well known in Lee County and is universally esteemed and honored.

Portraits and Biographical Lee County IL 1892 Pg 335


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