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J. George Malach, whose pleasant home is on section 14, Sublette Township, has acquired wealth by farming and stock-raising, and is among the foremost men of his calling in the county. He is a native of Germany, born November 1, 1830, at Oberhelhersheim, near the famous Bingen on the Rhine, and he grew to manhood amid the beautiful scenery of his native province. His parents were John Philip and Anna Maria (Silles) Malach. His father was a baker, and also tilled the soil, owning a few acres of land. At the age of sixty-seven years, he had to suffer the amputation of one of his legs on account of disease, but notwithstanding he was so old, he recovered from the effects of it, and lived some seven years longer, dying in the land of his birth at the age of seventy-four. His wife lived to be very old, being eighty-seven when she died. They were true and faithful members of the Roman Catholic Church. They had eight children, of whom only three grew up; our subject, the eldest, being the only one to come to America. John Jacob and Margaret still reside in Germany.

He of whom we write received a good education in the excellent schools of his native land, which he attended until he was eighteen years old. He learned the trade of a baker from his father, and at the age of twenty-two, in 1852, he embarked on a ship at Havre, and sailed away for the New World in the flush and vigor of the opening years of a stalwart manhood in quest of whatever fortune might have to offer him in this country with its immense resources and great possibilities. A voyage of forty-five days on the ocean brought him to New Orleans, where he worked at his trade for two years. He then came to Lee County to visit some cousins. He did not like country life, and made several trips to Chicago, in search of work as a baker, but could not obtain satisfactory wages. He then wisely concluded to do whatsoever his hands could find to do to earn an honest living, and hired out as a farm laborer. Mr. Malach worked steadily, and by frugally saving his earnings, in a few short years became independent, and in 1863, purchased eighty acres of land that he had previously rented. He has displayed remarkable push and enterprise in the con- duct of his affairs, and from that small beginning has increased the acreage of his landed property to seven hundred and twenty acres, in Sublette Township, which is divided into three farms, and he has besides land in other States. Each farm is provided with a good set of buildings, and the land is well cultivated, and Mr. Malach derives a handsome revenue from them.

Fortune also favored our subject in the selection of a wife, as by his marriage in 1859 to Miss Catherine Krebs, he secured the active co-operation of a capable helpmate. She was born within twenty miles of his birthplace,' and came to this country with her parents, John and Theresa Krebs, who have been welcome inmates of the home of their daughter and son-in-law since 1859. Mr. and Mrs. Malach have seven children, namely: Mary T., wife of George Loner; John P.,George A. P., Elizabeth, Catherine L., Christina Emma, and Orthmer William.

Mr. Malach inherited some property in Germany, but much of his fortune is the result of his own well-directed efforts in carrying out his undertakings. He has not only been an important agent in the upbuilding of this part of the county, but he has had a hand in the administration of local public affairs as an incumbent of some of the township offices, and he has generously aided every plan for public improvement. He lakes an intelligent interest in the politics of his adopted country, and is a stalwart Democrat. In religion, he has always held to the Roman Catholic faith in which he was reared by pious parents.

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