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James McKenney was born in the Province of Ontario, Canada, in 1804, and died at his home in Dixon, April 7, 1864. For a record of the family history, the reader is referred to the biographical sketch of Fred McKenney. Our subject was a young man when he came from Canada to the State of Illinois and began life in Dixon as a merchant, being thus engaged for many years with great success. Later he followed the occupation of a liveryman and was thus employed at the time of his death.

As one of the early settlers of Dixon and one of its most prominent citizens, Mr. McKenney occupied a high place in the esteem of the people of the city and county. In his religious views he was liberal, holding to no creed. His political preference brought him into close sympathy with the principles of the Republican party and he uniformly voted that ticket. His marriage, which took place at Franklin Grove, January 1, 1840, united him with Miss Harriet Whitney, who is a woman of noble character and unusual executive ability, having since the death of her husband carefully and successfully looked after his large landed interests. She possesses a vein of true love for the spiritual world and adheres to the faith of scientific Spiritualism.

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. McKenney was blessed by the birth of five children, one of whom— Charles R.—died at the age of three and one-half years. Josephine, wife of Hobart Wicks, resides in St. Louis; Georgia A. married Dr. Winn,a prominent physician of Dixon; Corelia is the widow of Charles A. Baker, and makes her home in St. Louis; Mr. Baker was Overseer for the Holme Milburn Stoddard Manufacturing Company, of Minneapolis, Minn., where his death occurred; Stella is the wife of Thomas J. Stephen, manager of Shepherd's House Papering Company, of Kansas City, Mo.

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