Lee County Biography

Dick or Diek Miller
Nelson Township


Deik Miller is an enterprising farmer and dairyman, who devotes his whole energies to his business, and is making the most of his farm that is beautifully located on the banks of the picturesque Rock River in Nelson Township. Mr.Miller was born in Hanover, Germany in 1843. He passed his boyhood in attendance at the excellent schools of that country, and in accordance with the stringent laws of the land, entered the army when he became of suitable age, becoming a member of the Sixth Hanover Regiment, which had a high reputation for military prowess, the men composing it being known as hard fighters, and daring and fearless in battle. Our subject served with it five years, from 1863 to 1868, took part in many a heated campaign, and had many narrow escapes from death while bravely fighting the enemy in various noted battles. He was in the midst of the conflict on the field on that memorable 8th of May, at Dapa Ford, in Denmark, when the Hanoverians whipped the Prussians, and he took part in the battle of Longzalza, in Saxony.

After he left the army in 1868, our subject sought fortune's favors in America, and after landing on these shores came to Illinois to try life on its broad, breezy prairies. He at first located in Stephenson County, and he also spent a year in Ogle County before coming to this county in 1871. He was pleased with the outlook here and determined to make this his future home. In 1881 he purchased one hundred and thirty-seven acres of land on the Rock River, and in this location so favored by nature, he is very pleasantly situated. His land is admirably tilled, and besides yielding abundant harvests, supports a number of cattle, horses and hogs. Mr. Miller is constantly making improvements, and is always busy about his farming affairs, his dairy business demanding much of his time, as he has a good herd of well-graded milk cows to attend to.

Our subject was a single man when he came to this country, but during his residence in Stephenson County he had the good fortune to secure a very estimable wife in the person of Miss Augusta Staumbauch, to whom he was wedded in Ridott Township. She is also a Hanoverian by birth, and came to the United States in 1869 with her parents, Claus and Foelke Staumbauch. They located on a farm in Ogle County, where the father died at the age of sixty-five years. His wife, who bas attained the venerable age of eighty-one years, is a welcome inmate of the home of our subject. She is of the German Reformed faith in religion, her husband also belonging to that church.

Mr. and mrs. Miller are the parents of eight children, of whom these two are deceased, Henry and Rebecca. Those living are; Flora, Rebecca, Hannah, August, Harry and Louisa. Our subject has followed intelligently the course of political events since he became a citizen of this country, and exercises his right of suffrage by voting with the Republican party. He and his wife are members of the German Reformed Church, and they are recognized as among the best people of the community.

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