Lee County Biography

Jeremiah Miller
China Township


Jeremiah Miller has devoted his life to farming and stock raising, and has accumulated a comfortable property, which includes one of the best farms in all China Township. A Pennsylvanian by birth, he first saw the light of day December 4, 1845, in Somerset County, of which his parents and grandparents on both sides of the house were also natives, his ancesters having settled there probably at some period anterior to the Revolution. He is the son of Moses W. and Catherine (Livengood) Miller, who were reared and married in the county of their nativity. The former was a son of William Miller, and the latter was a daughter of Peter Livengood.

The parents of our subject left their old home where they had lived so many years, and where the father had been actively engaged at his occupation as a farmer, and on the 1st of May, 1868, came to Lee County and took up their residence on section 14, China Township. They dwelt there serenely the remainder of their days, and passed from the scenes of earth at a ripe age, his death occurring February 3, 1886, and hers March 3, 1888. They were the parents of twelve children, of whom our subject was the fifth in order of birth.

His boyhood was spent on his father's farm, and there he learned lessons in practical farming, which were of use to him when he started out as an independent farmer. He lived with his parents until his marriage in his native county August 23, 1863, to Miss Priscilla A. Hoover, a daughter of Frederick and Mary (Arms) Hoover, who were natives respectively of Somerset County, Pa., and of Walnut Creek, Ohio. They had married and settled in Somerset County, and there died in the course of time, Mr. Hoovcr's death taking place May 29, 1867, and Mrs. Hoover's February 22, 1880. They were the parents of fifteen children, of whom Mrs. Miller was the seventh. She was born February 12, 1841.

The spring following his marriage Mr. Miller settled in Saulsbury, Somerset County and resided there until the spring of 1866. From that time he has heen identified with the farmers who are so ably carrying on the great agricultural interests of Lee County. He then located in China Township, where he still lives. He conducts farming and stock-raising on quite an extensive scale, and is one of the moneyed men of his adopted township. On another page of this volume may be found a view of his homestead, His farm is very favorably situated on section 14 and comprises three hundred and three acres of land that are well tilled and highly productive, and a fine set of first-class, roomy buildings adorn the place. The cattle and horses that feed in the pastures are of excellent breeds and the hogs are of good grade.

Seven children have been born unto our subject and his wife, whom they have named William H., Harvey M; Alice A., Arabella E., Milton, Calvin, and Edith. William married Laura Lookingland; Calvin died at the age of three and one-half months. Mr. Miller is a Republican in politics and is faithful to the party of his choice. He is a man of good principles and habits, a good neighbor, always willing to accommodate and help others, and his fellow - townsmen have always found him straight-forward and even-handed both in word and deed,

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