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Charles E. Moeller was born in Palmyra Township, September 21, 1851, and is now a valued member of that class of its citizens who so materially contribute to its growth and solid prosperity by their ability as practical, thoughtful, enterprising and hard-working farmers and stock-raisers. The pleasant old homestead on section 26, where he has lived for many years, and which once belonged to his father, is now the property of our subject, and the stock that he raises upon it, together with the goodly harvests that he reaps from its well-tilled fields, bring him in a comfortable income every year.

Augustus Moeller, the father of our subject, was born in Germany, November 18, 1807, his birthplace being in the Kingdom of Prussia. He was a descendant of an ancient family of pure German stock, and several of the name were Lutheran ministers for many generations, and filled their places with honor to themselves and to the family. The father of our subject was carefully reared and well educated in his native country, and was there married to Caroline Barthel, who was born and brought up in the same neighborhood as himself, and was of a good German family, which had been represented in that kingdom from ancient times. After the birth of five of their children, Augustus Moeller and wife decided to emigrate to America, where they hoped to do better for their offspring than was possible in the Old Country. They set forth on their long journey in 1850, taking passage in a vessel that conveyed them to Hull, England, where they embarked on an American-bound ship, which landed them at a Canadian port seven weeks later. Thence they made their way to the States, and first settled in Palmyra Township on a new and partly broken farm, which they rented and operated some ten years. Mr. Moeller then purchased the farm on section 26 of the same town­ship, which is now owned by his son, of whom we write. Here the father spent the rest of his days, and June 23, 1887, passed from death to the life beyond at a ripe old age. His adopted township had in him a good citizen, who was industrious in his habits, was peaceful and kindly in his disposition, and a truly pious man, true to his religion as a Lutheran. In politics he was a Democrat. His wife had preceded him in death, dying on the farm in 1883, at the age of seventy years. She was a Lutheran in religion, and was a most estimable woman.

Our subject is the youngest of the family, and the only one born in this country. All of his brothers and sisters are living but Richard. The others are Theodore, a grocer on First Street, Dixon, who married Miss Ellen Seavey; Rosalie, wife of John Catta, a farmer and nurseryman in Carroll County, not many miles from Lanark; Herman, a farmer in Saline County, Neb., who married Miss Hattie Phillips; and Natalia, who lives with her brother, our subject, and carefully looks after his personal comfort. He and his sisters and brothers are all members in high standing in the Lutheran Church, and give generously to the support of the faith so dear to their fathers since Martin Luther began the work of reformation in the church. The brothers are all stanch Republicans, standing firmly by their party, whether it is triumphant or defeated.

Mr. Moeller has passed his entire life in Palmyra Township, obtaining his education in its schools, and learning the principles of agriculture on his father's farm, which is now his, having been in his possession for the last fifteen years. It comprises eighty acres of land that have been brought to a high state of cultivation, and it is amply provided with good buildings for every purpose.

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