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Louis Pitcher is manager of the Dixon Home Telephone Company, whose business figures largely in the commercial affairs of Dixon. In this age of intense business activity the annihilation of time and distance is an important factor and telephone service has brought about a condition that largely furthers business interests through the direct communication of interested parties. The importance of efficient service is therefore apparent and as manager of the Dixon Home Telephone Company, Mr. Pitcher is doing an important work, carefully looking after all details and supervising the major features of the business so that the best results are accomplished.

One of Dixon's native sons, he was born in 1881, his parents being L.D. and Abbie (Cramer) Pitcher, who were early residents here, settling in Lee county when this city had little industrial or commercial importance. For a time the father engaged in the manufacture of wooden barley forks and secured a patent upon the fork which was of his invention. Later he engaged in other lines of business and at different times was active in the public service, filling the office of alderman and also acting on the school board. Public affairs of moment received his indorsement and cooperation and his efforts in behalf of the general welfare were far-reaching and important. In 1896 he organized the Lee County Telephone Company. This was the first independent company and he carefully systematized the business, established its lines and connections and placed the business upon a profitable basis. For nine years he remained at the head of the company and then sold out in 1905 to the Dixon Home Telephone Company. His death occurred in 1910 and was deeply regretted by many friends who appreciated his worth as a business man, as a citizen and as a social acquaintance. His wife still survives and yet makes her home in Dixon. She is a consistent member of the Methodist church.

Reared in this city Louis Pitcher acquired a public school education and afterward pursued a business course in Steinman's Institute. He has spent the past eighteen years in connection with the telephone business, with which he became identified upon the organization of the Lee County Telephone Company by his father.

He is now manager of the Dixon Home Telephone Company, which in 1905, upon purchasing the business and plant of the Lee County Telephone Company, rebuilt the plant and equipped it according to the most modern methods. The company now averages a telephone to every four and six-tenths of the population, a higher average than in any other point of equal area in the world. This alone indicates the efficiency of the service and those who read between the lines recognize the capable management and enterprise of Mr. Pitcher, who thoroughly understands the business in every phase and leaves no effort undone that will promote good service for his patrons.

On the 21st of October, 1911. Mr. Pitcher was married to Mrs. Edna Joseph of Dixon. He is a man of social nature and has an extensive circle of warm friends in this city and throughout the surrounding country. In Masonry he has attained the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite and is a past commander of Dixon Commandery, "No. 21, K.T. He is likewise connected with the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. He belongs to the Elks lodge and is secretary of its board of trustees. He was active and influential in securing the erection of the Elks building. In polities he is somewhat independent, perhaps might best be termed a progressive, for he does not believe in the blind following of party leaders, but rather in the intelligent expression by ballot of one's belief in principles that they deem essential to good government. He is the secretary of the young men's branch of the Dixon's Citizens' Association and is very active in support of many measures which have to do with the welfare and upbuilding of the community. His cooperation can always be counted upon to further any project for the public good and his worth as a citizen is widely known.

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.


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