Lee County Biography


Commercial activities in Paw Paw and Lee county are well represented by Robert Pogue, one of the foremost lumber and coal dealers in this district and in that connection a member of Pogue Brothers Lumber Company, who own coal and lumber yards not only at Paw Paw but also at Hinckley and Waterman, Illinois. Mr. Pogue has been a resident of Paw Paw since 1894 and has not only become one of the foremost business men of the town but has actively participated in the promotion of her public interests and now serves as president of the board of trustees. A native of Illinois, he was born in Oswego, Kendall county, January 9, 1862. His parents were M.J. and Sarah E. (Gibson) Pogue. The father was a pioneer farmer of Kendall county, going thither from Ohio by making his way across the prairies in a wagon. Discontinuing his farming operations, he subsequently established himself in the lumber business, being successful along that line for thirty years. He at first established a lumber and coal yard in Oswego and as his resources increased acquired one at Hinckley, Illinois, and subsequently bought another at Waterman and in 1894 the one which is now conducted by the firm at Paw Paw. The original name of the concern was M.J. Pogue & Sons, but in 1900 this style was changed to that of the Pogue Brothers Lumber Company. They still own coal and lumber yards at the various above mentioned cities with the exception of that at Oswego, of which they have disposed. Mr. Pogue has done much toward promoting and extending the business and his executive ability and progressive methods have resulted in a most gratifying measure of success.

The marriage of Robert Pogue to Miss E. Maud Hunt was celebrated at Oswego, Illinois, on October 22, 1 890. She is a daughter of J.B. and Frances (Porter) Hunt, the former a retired business man. Mr. and Mrs. Pogue have one son, Kenneth H. Mr. Pogue is a devout member of the Presbyterian church, serving as an elder, and fraternally is a blue lodge Mason. He has always taken an active interest in promoting the growth of Paw Paw and as president of the board of trustees of the town has done much toward advancement. His policies are modern and progressive and he brings as vigorous an interest to his public duties as he exhibits in the pursuit of his private business affairs. He enjoys in full measuree the confidence of the general public, which is evident from the position of trust to which he has been elected, and well merits that confidence on account of the considerate treatment which he gives to all matters coming before him in his public capacity.

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.

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