Lee County Biography

Frederick August Schick
South Dixon Township

Frederick A. Schick has become wealthy through his operatons as a farmer and stock-raiser of rare ability, and his farm on section 10, South Dixon Township, is one of the most valuable of its size in this part of the county, as its soil, which is naturally very fertile, has been made more so by careful cultivation; it is capable of sustaining many cattle, horses and swine, and is, in fact, well stocked; and its improvements are substantial and well arranged.

Our subject was born in Saxony, Germany, in August 1838. He is of pure German blood, and is a son of Karl Schick, who was also of Saxon birth and spent his whole l ife in his native land, dying in 1863 at the age of sixty-four. He was both a carpenter and a farmer. His religion was that of the Lutheran Church. His wife, who was likewise a life-long resident of Saxony, was Margaret Lieprent in her maiden days. She fell a victim to the cholera in 1866, being past sixty years of age at the time of her death. She too, was a member of the Lutheran Church.

Our subject grew up on a farm, and obtained a good common-school education in the German schools. He was not quite twenty-one when he left his early home to seek beyond the seas the fortune denied him in hiS own country, embarking at Bremerhaven on the sailing vessel "Thoretto," in April, 1859, for the United States of America, and landing at New York City after a voyage of forty days and forty nights. He came thence to Dixon, and from there made his way to Whiteside County, where he found himself a stranger in a strange land, without a nickel in his pocket that be could call his own. But he was of good courage, and immediately set about finding some work whereby he could support himself. He was successful in bis search for employment, prudently saved his money to invest in land, and made his first purchase of realty in Whiteside County.

He soon after came to Lee County and bought, in 1860, a farm of eighty acres, and in 1880 bought his present farm in South Dixon County. He located upon it the following year, and has since made of it a very fine piece of property, placing its one hundred and sixty acres under careful cultivation, and making every possible improvement, so that it ranks in its appointments among the best in the township. He was a poor man when he came to this county, but be has made himself rich by paying strict attention to his business, conducting it systematicnlly, and by employing the methods of tilling the soil best adapted to his land, and by tbat wise economy, that knows when to spend money to advantage, as well as when frugality is the better part. His adopted county has found in him a good citizen who has contributed his share to its growing wealth and prosperity, and takes a true interest in its welfare. He is very well posted in the politics of his adopted country and has a decided preference for the Democratic party. His religious affiliations are with the Lutheran Church, of which he and his wife are both active members.

Mr. Schick was first married in Whiteside County, to Miss Margaretta Ortgiesen, a native of Germany, who came to this country with her parents. (For parental history see sketch of George Ortgiesen). She was young when she died after the birth of one child, William, who died two years later. The second marriage of our subject, which took place in South Dixon Township, was to Miss Appalonia Genter, who was born in Rhine Byron, Germany. She came to America when twenty years old, and from that time until the day of her death in Dixon, in 1874, at middle age, sbe was a resident of Lee County. She left no children. Mr. Schick was a third time married in Germany, he having returned to his native land in 1874, and in the Saxon Province where he was born he was wedded to Miss Wilhelmina Kafer. She was also born and reared in Saxony, and is a daughtetr of Karl and Doretha (Gothn) Kafer, who are now living in their old home in Germany, both being past four score years of age. Mrs. Schiek is at present visiting them. The family are all members of the Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Schick have six children, all of whom are at home. and are named as follows: Elsie B., Charles A. F., Alvin C., Edward A., Ella D., and August W.

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