Lee County IL Biography


John Schippert is closely identified with two of Lee County's most thriving agricultural centres—South Dixon and Nachusa Townships-as he owns a choice and highly improved farm in each, making his home on his property on section 24 of the former township. He is of foreign birth, but the most important part of his life has been passed in this country. He was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, December, 28, 1853, the youngest but one of the children of William Frederick and Louisa (Schlipf) Schippert His parents were born in Wurtembcrg, coming of pure German ancestry, and they spent their early married life there as farmers. After the birth of all their children except one, they emigrated to the United Slates with their family in 1853, the voyage from London to New York consuming more than forty-three days. The family first located in Luzerne Comity, Pa., whore the father died the 1st of May, 1860. when not far beyond the meridian of life. The others came to Lee County in 1864, and the mother now makes her home with her son, our subject. She is seventy-eight years old, having been born the 16th of January, 1814, but is as energetic and active as many a younger woman. She is a devoted member of the Lutheran Church, with which she has been connected all her life, and her husband was also a Lutheran.

Our subject attained his majority after coming to this State. He had no moneyed capital with which to begin his new life, but he was full of energy, ambition and a good capacity for work, and was intent upon making himself independently wealthy. For the first five years he worked out by the mouth, laboring hard at whatever he had to do, and by that time he had laid by money enough to take another advance step, and for awhile he farmed as a renter. With the money thus made he purchased his first landed property, buying a quarter of section 16, in Nachusa Township, which he turned into a good farm, supplying it with substantial buildings and all the necessary improvements. He bought that place in 1877, and in the fall of 1888 purchased the homestead on which he lives on section 24, South Dixon Township. This comprises one hundred and sixty acres of fine farming land, which is well improved, and is adorned by a well-built and conveniently arranged set of farm-buildings. Fine cattle, horses and swine find pasturage on its rich acres, and yield a profitable income to our subject. He came here a poor boy, but has worked his way up to his present position as one of our moneyed men, and has made his citizenship valuable to his adopted county, as every acre that he has placed under cultivation has but added to its wealth. Both he and his wife are in every way deserving of the trust and friendship that they have inspired in their neighbors. They are regular attendants at the Lutheran Church and are influential in sustaining the moral and religious welfare of their community.

The marriage of Mr. Schippert with Miss Martha Glessner was celebrated in Dixon. She was born in Somerset County, Pa., and is a daughter of Jeremiah and Amy Ann (Laup) Glessner, she being one of the youngest children of her parents, and was but a child when the family came to Lee County, where she was reared and educated. His father and mother had come to this county after the birth of all their children but one, and the mother died in the new home when Mrs. Schippert was but seven years old. The father is a farmer, and is still living on the old Truman homestead in Dixon Township. He married a second time, Ellen Ellsrode becoming his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Schippert are blessed with eight children, who form with them a pleasant household; S. Fred, Edward I., Harry W., Estella M., Lillye P., Amy Louisa, Jerry M. and Iona Ines. P>Transcribed by Christine Walters - Portraits and Biographical Lee Co. 1892

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