Lee County Biography

James W. Seybert

South Dixon Township

James W. Seybert stands among the foremost of the farmers and the dairymen of South Dixon Twp. and his well stocked farm on sections 16 and 21 is a beautiful and valuable piece of property, with commodious and handsome buildings of modern architecture, and all the conveniences for agricultural pursuits.

The name of Seybert is familiar in this county as belonging to a family who have been closely connected with its interests for many years. The parents of our subject, Wallace and Desire (Hill) Seybert, came to this section more than 30 years ago, locating in South Dixon Twp. where they gathered together a large property, including about a thousand acres of land, and they are now living in retirement in Dixon, in the quiet enjoyment of their wealth. Further mention of their life and work is made in another part of this volume.

Our subjedt was born in Luzerne County, Pa., May 1, 1851, and was 10 years old the year the family migrated from the Keystone State to this. The education begun in the schools of his native county was completed in the schools of Lee County, and his experience of farming was first obtained under the instruction of his father. He was thus well fitted to pursue agriculture when he began to conduct farming on his own account. The farm to which he holds the title, and which has been in his possession six years, was one of the several that formerly belonged to his father. He is constantly adding improvements, and the fine buildings that adorn the place have been chiefly erected by himself. The substantial residence is tastefully and well built, and nicely fitted up outside and in, and the other buildings correspond.

The Seyberts are noted for having large barns, and our subject has one of the largest in the county, which was erected under his supervision in 1889. Its dimensions are 48 x 96 feet, with twenty feet posts, and it has a roomy basement capable of accomodating 65 head of cattle and nineteen horses; while the upper part of the barn is well arranged for the storage of hay and grain. The farm has an area of t77 acres, of which nearly the whole is under admirable tillage, and good breeds of stock range the pastures. Besides carrying on a profitable business in general farming, our subject has been interested in the milk business for two years and ahalf, starting in when the condensed milk factory, to which he disposes of the milk of fifty milch cows, was established. It is both practical and progressive in the conduct of his business, plans his work thoughtfully and systematically, and keeps himself well informed in all that pertains to agriculture. In his political views he is a Democrat of the purest water, but does not seek office, and is not a politician.

Mr. Seybert was married in this township to Miss Laura Hill, who presides over their home with true grace, and cordially unites with him in extending its hospitalities to their numerous friends, or to whomsoever crosses its threshold. Mrs. Seybert is a native of this township born June 15, 1862. She is devoted to her husband's interests and encourages him in his work. They have a child, Eva Pearl born September 7, 1891 and a foster child George, for whom they care tenderly and who is being reared by them as carefully as if he were of their own blood.

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