Lee County IL Biography


Charles Seybert, whose business is that of n dairyman and general farmer, is the proprietor of one of the best equipped farms in all South Dixon Township, finely located on sections 7 and 8. Mr. Seybert is of Pennsylvania birth, horn in Luzerne County January 17, 1848, and he is the third son and fifth child of Wallace Seybert, a well-known wealthy farmer of this part of Illinois, now living in retirement in his pleasant home on West First Street, Dixon, where he and his good wife, whose maiden name was Desire Hill, are serenely passing the sunset of life in the enjoyment of the fruit of their early labors. They were born in the grand old State of Pennsylvania seventy-five and seventy-three years ago, respectively, and their parents were also natives of that Commonwealth, but came of German families that had settled there in Colonial times. After marriage and the birth of all their children but one, Mr. and Mrs. Seybert came to this State in the spring of 1862,and made their home on an unbroken farm of two hundred mid twenty-five acres in South Dixon Township. At first Mr. Seybert rented land for n time, and then bought property as his means increased, and he ultimately became one of the wealthy men of the county and the proprietor of twelve hundred acres of valuable real estate. He and his wife continued to live on their farm until 1888, when they retired to their present home in Dixon. Mr. Seybert has not only played an important part in the upbuilding of this section, but he has been conspicuous in local public life, and has held nearly all the township offices of South Dixon. He is sound and true in his political faith, which is in accordance with the principles annunciated by the Democratic Party. Religiously, he and his wife are members of the Lutheran Church.

Although the greater part of the life of our subject has been passed in Lee County, he spent his first fourteen years near Reach Haven in the State of his birth. Ho had an excellent opportunity to become thoroughly conversant with agriculture in all its branches while assisting his father in his extensive operations. For fourteen years he has lived on his present farm, and in that time has wrought a great change in its condition by the extensive and valuable improvements that he has made upon it, including a fine and well-fitted up set of farm buildings, all built by himself. His residence is of a neat and tasty design, and is of ample proportions; and he has recently erected a large and roomy barn, 48x84 feet in dimensions, and provided with all the modern conveniences, including a windmill of sufficient power for grinding and shelling corn, pumping water, etc. The farm comprises a quarter of a section of land that is exceedingly fertile, and its rich pastures afford support for a fine herd of milch cows for dairy purposes, as well as giving feed to a considerable quantity of other well-graded stock.

The marriage of our subject with Miss Carrie Campbell took place in the city of Dixon. It has been a felicitous union, and has brought them four children: Charles Wallace, Wilbcrt W., Hazelton W. and Emma M. Mrs. Seybert is a native of Massachusetts, born in that State in 1851, and ivasa child when her parents, Sylvan us and Almyrn [Cook) Campbell, came to Illinois. She received a rood education in the city schools of Dixpn, and is a bright and capable woman. Both she and her husband are highly thought of in their community as people of fine character, generous and right minded, and true to all the obligations of life. In his political affiliations, Mr. Seybert is a Democrat Mrs. Seybert's father was born in Connecticut of New England parents, who traced their descent from Scottish ancestry. He early learned the trade of a blacksmith,and when young man went to Massachusetts to engage in it, and there he met his wife, who was born and reared in the old State. They lived there until after the birth of five of their seven children, of whom Mrs. Seybert is the fourth, all still living, and five of them married, and then they came to Illinois. They have since lived in Dixon and are well known and greatly respected. He still carries on his calling as a blacksmith, and has acquired a comfortable property. He has a mind of his own, is positive in his opinions, and is independent in religion and in politics. Mrs. Campbell is a Baptist in her religions belief.

Transcribed by Christine Walters - Portraits and Biographical Lee Co. 1892

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