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CHARLES ALMON STEINMANN, President Steinmann College. Dixon, Ill., born at Cherry Grove, Ill., Oct. 14, 1861; moved with his parents to Lanark, Ill., in 1884, where, at eight years of age, he entered the public schools, and completed the graded and high school course at fifteen; took post-graduate work, and taught school until twenty years of age, when he organized a school of shorthand in connection with the Northern Illinois Normal School of Dixon. Four years later, he removed to larger and more desirable quarters in the central part of the city; built the present splendid college edifice in 1895, and ladies' dormitory in 1901; present site of school is unusually attractive, containing a campus of forty-three acres, fine athletic field, pure water, excellent drainage, magnificent surroundings. The courses of study are thorough and complete; comprising Business, Normal, English, Scientific, Classical, Philosophical, Musical, Civil Service, and Oratory departments. The moral and intellectual tone of the school is high. Under Prof. Steinmann's direction the school has grown in numbers as well as in strength and efficiency. New buildings are demanded, and a gentleman's dormitory, an industrial hall--whereby worthy students may earn an education--a school of forestry, a botanical garden and a complete experimental laboratory are contemplated. Besides performing duties of President of Steinmann College, Prof. Steinmann is vice-chancellor of Ruskin University, Chicago, Ill. He married, on Christmas day, 1902, Miss Rosa Mary Lohafer.

Written by Karen Holt from various sources

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