Lee County Biography

Thomas H. Stetler M.D.

Paw Paw IL

Thomas H. Stetler, M.D., of Paw Paw, is not only one of the leading Physicians of Lee County, whose reputation for skill and success in his profession is very high, but he is prominent in its social and political life, and his public-spirited and enterprise have been potent agents in its progress since he became a citizen of this section of Illinois.

The Doctor, whose portraits is presented, is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Connty. His father, John Stetler, was also a native of the Key­stone State, his birthplace in Columbia County. He married Julia Lazarus, a native of Pennsyl­vania, and they settled in Wilkes Barre, and spent their remaining days in that place, he being en­gaged in teaming and boating.

A thorough student, our subject laid the foun­dation of a good education in the public schools of his native town, and at the age of eighteen, when he commenced to teach, he was well equipped for that vocation, to which be devoted himself the ensuing five years, When twenty-three years old, he turned his attention to the study of medicine with T. D. Palmer, of Paw Paw. He made rapid progress in his studies, and afterward entered the Chicago Medical College, from which he graduated March 21, 1876. He immediately opened an office at Paw Paw, and in the course of time has built up an excellent practice in the village and surround­iug country, early winning the confidence of the people, as in his theatment of the various diseases with which he has had to cope, he has displayed an accurate knowledge of medicine, has always given his patients every needed attention, and has shown himself to be a sagacious and careful physician, who keeps well abreast of the times in his profession.

Dr. Stetler by no means confines his attention solely to his profession, but, as he is wide-awake and progressive, endowed with an active mind, a forceful character, and an enterprising spirit, he interests himself in what concerns his adopted county, as a true citizen should, and is a prominent member of various social organizations. He is one of the foremost leaders of the Republician party in this section, standing high in its council as Chairman of the aCounty central Committee. He is a valued member of the North central Illinois M edical society, and has been appointed delegate to the State and National Medical Society. he belongs to Corinthian Lodge No. 205, F. & A. M.; Mendota Chapter No. 79, R.A.M., and Bethany Commandery, K.T. The Doctor has an inherent love for a horse, and is the fortunate possessor of several high-bred animals.

In 1870 Dr. Stetler was married to Miss Libbie Rosenkrans, a native of Luzerne County, Pa. and a daughter of Abram and Betsy Rosenkrans of whom mention is made in the sketch of ANdrew J. Rosenkrans on another page. The Doctor and his amiable wife have a pleasant home, whose attractiveness is enhanced by their charming hospitality, which is often enjoyed by their friends of whom they have many. Their household is completed by their one child, Orla Nettie.

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1888 Envelope address from Dr. Stetler to Dr. W.O. Ensign in Rutland VT

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