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John Trouth
Palmyra Twp.

John Trouth, a retired farmer now living with his son-in-law, Daniel Schuck, in Palmyra Township, came to Lee County in 1858,and during the years which have since come and gone has made his home in this township. He first improved a good farm on Section 18, and some years later, in 1869, he purchased land on sections 17 and 20, a fine property which is still in his possession. It is highly improved with good buildings, most of which were erected by him. In all his business undertakings he has been quite successful, and the prosperity which has come to him as the just reward of his labors, now enables him to spend his declining years in retirement from all care.

Mr. Ti~outh is of German birth. He was born in Rheinpfalz, Bavaria, August 25, 1819, and there his father, John G. Trouth, was also born, and followed farming until 1832, when, with his older son, he crossed the Atlantic, landing in New Orleans, where he died very suddenly of Asiatic cholera, which was then epidemic. The son went north to Philadelphia, where he died soon afterwards of the same disease. Mr. Trouth was a member of the Lutheran Church and at the time of his death was about forty years of age. Mrs. Trouth, whose maiden name was Margaret Sundall, was born in the Fatherland in 1793, and never left that country, her death occurring in her native province in January, 1880. She was never again married after her husband's death, but remained true to his memory. She reared her children and saw them all well started out in life.

Our subject is now the only surviving member of a family of three sons and two daughters. In his youth he learned the trade of a tailor, which he followed in his native land and has worked in that line to some extent in this country. In Germany he wedded Miss Mary E. Getts, who was born July 18, 1818,- and was reared in the same province as her husband. Their home was brightened by the presence of five children, after which they crossed the briny deep to America in 1858, in a sailing vessel, which weighed anchor at Bremen and reached New York after a voyage of forty days. Continuing their journey by land they at length arrived in Dixon, 111. Mr. Trouth then had but $16 in his pocket. Determination and enterprise, however, stood him instead of capital and with the assistance of his faithful wife he began earning a livelihood and worked his way upward to a position of affluence. When he had saved a small sum of money, he purchased land and began farming on his own account, carrying on his operations until he found himself the owner of a fine farm and possessed of a handsome property.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Trouth were born seven children; George W., who works in a milk factory, married Louisa Teal, who is now deceased; John married Cecilia Ebuer and resides in Dixon; Jacob married Susa Hess and is a resident farmer of Palmyra Township; Anna M., is the wife of Daniel Sehuck, a representative farmer, who owns a good home on section 26, Palmyra Township; Carrie is the wife of Manuel Hess, an agriculturist of Whiteside County; and Fred lives with his brother, George W.

In 1887 Mr. Trouth was called upon to mourn the loss of his wife, who died on the 13th of June She was a true and faithful wife and mother, who ever had the interests of her family at heart and was a consistent member of the Lutheran Church. Our subject also belongs to the Lutheran Church in Prairieville, and to its support has contributed liberally. In politics, he is a Republican and is well informed concerning the issues of the day. In the enjoyment of a well-earned rest, he expects to spend the remainder of his life in the county of his adoption, where he is so widely and favorably known.

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