Lee County Biography


A wide-awake and progressive young physician and surgeon of Dixon, who was born in Chatfield, Minn., has been well fitted for his life work. In the State of his nativity, he began his school life, and his early training was supplemented by a regular collegiate course. When it became time to make choice of some business which he would wish to make his life work, he determined to engage in the practice of medicine, and, with this end in view, entered the Eclectic Medical College of Chicago, Ill., from which he was graduated on the 28d of March, 1886, after having pursued a thorough course. He then located in Chatsworth, Ill., where he engaged in practice for about four years.

He was residing in that town at the time when the Chatsworth railroad wreck occurred, and by his labors did much to assuage the suffering of the injured. He was among the first to arrive on the scene of the disaster. Having been awakened by the crash, his suspicions were aroused that something was wrong and he hurried out, making his way to the place where the accident occurred. The scene was a terrible one, and he saw it in all its horror. His medical skill was at once called into action.and Dr. Vaughn proved himself equal to the emergency, doing much for the suffering and wounded.

In Livingston County, Ill.; the Doctor led to the marriage altar Miss Jennie Speicher, a native of that county, who was there reared and educated and under the parental roof remained until her hand was bestowed upon the Doctor in marriage. Their union has been blessed with one child, a daughteróBertha M. About two years ago they came to Dixon, and although their residence here has been of short duration, they have already won many friends and are held in high regard by all who know them.

Socially, Dr. Vaughn is a Knight Templar mason. He lakes quite an active interest in public affairs, especially such as will benefit the public or promote the general welfare, and in politics is a stanch Republican, but iu no sense an office-seeker. In the line of his practice he is making a good success. He has associated with him in his office, to assist him in necessary ways, Henry A. Sheer. Enterprising, industrious, and possessed of a worthy ambition, he will undoubtedly make of life a success. Already he has acquired a liberal patronage in Dixon among the best class of Citizens, and among his professional brethren he has taken the front rank.

Portraits and Biographical Lee County IL 1892 Pg 788

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