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Andrew Ventler

ANDREW VENTLER is another of the well-to-do citizens of Bradford Township, who were born in the Fatherland. His industry and frugality have enabled him to take a place in the front rank among the farmers who have made a success of their calling. He was born in Germany, May 11, 1830 and received his education in the model schools of his native land, where he learned the principles, which put into practice, have made him an intelligent agriculturist.

Our subject remained in Germany until 1853, when, hearing such glowing accounts of the good fortune to be met with in the New World, he embarked from his native country and landed in New York in August of the above named year. He came directly West and resided for two months in Wisconsin being engaged on a railroad. He later came to Lee County and was employed by the Northwestern Railroad for the succeeding four months, at the end of which time he began to work out on a farm as a laborer, being thus engaged for about four years.

Mr. Ventler whose name stands at the head of this sketch was married April 21, 1860, the lady of his choice being Miss Elizabeth Ginnterman, also a native of Germany, having been born December 15, 1836. Our subject began life as a farmer by renting a tract of land situated between Franklin and Dixon, which he continued to cultivate for some three years, when by his economy and frugality he was enabled to save a sufficient sum with which to purchase eighty acres. That tract was located on section 14, Bradford Town-ship, and which is included among his possessions.

Mr. Ventler is now the proud possessor of six hundred and eighty acres of excellent land which his intelligence and good judgment enables him to cultivate in a very profitable manner and is thus numbered among the wealthy and prominent farmers of Lee County. A stranger in the county, not acquainted with Mr. Ventler, would know that his estate was under the supervision of an industrious, ambitious gentleman, as it everywhere bears the marks of the care and expense which has been lavished upon it.

Mr. and Mrs. Ventler have been granted a family of nine children, seven are yet living and bear the respective names of Mary, Marcus, Conrad, John, Anna, William and Katie. Two children died when young. In politics our subject, is a stanch Democrat and, with his excellent wife, is an active member of the Lutheran Church. Mrs. Yen tier is a very intelligent and capable lady and noted for her skill as a housewife and caretaker.

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