Lee County Biography

John P. Vosburgh

Ashton Township

John P. Vosburgh has a home very pleasantly situated on section 23, Ashton township, and here he and his wife are serenely passing the declining years of lives spent in usefulness and well-doing, enjoying the fruits of their united laborsin former days and meriting and receiving honor and esteem from the entire community.

May 24, 1820 is the date of the birth of our subject at Johnstown, Fulton County, NY. His father, John Vosburgh and his mother Elizabeth Putnam in her maiden days, were natives of that State, the former born in Columbia County, and the latter in Montgomery County. They both died in the town of Mohawk, Montgomery County. They reared 10 children of whom our subject was the seventh.

Mr. Vosburgh grew to a vigorous manhood on his father's farm and gained a thorough knowldge of farming in all its branches. In 1865 he came to Illinois with his family to build up a new home, and for nineteen years was a resident of lafayette Township, Ogle County. He has followed farming all his life, and has a thorough practical knowledge of the best methods to be used in every department of agriculture. In 1881 he moved across the border line between Ogle and Lee counties, and settled in the township of Ashton, of which he has ever since been a resident.

The marriage of our subject with Miss Anna Putnam took place in his native county October 26, 1844and to her cheerful co-operation he is indebted for his prosperity and for the comfort and happiness of a wedded life of forty-seven years. Mrs. Vosburgh was born in Fulton County, N.Y. February 2, 1810, the fourth in the family of six children of John V. and Catherine Harrison Putnam. Her parents were also natives of the Empire State, born in Montgomery County, and spent their last years in Fulton County.

Mr. Vosburgh is a strong republican in his political sentiments. He is a man of unswerving integrity and both he and his wife are firm believers in the doctrines of Christianity, although they are not identified with any church organization. They are true-hearted, charitably disposed towards all who are in need of help, always friendly and they hold a warm place in the regard of their neighbors and all who know them well.

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