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A. Clinton Warner

A. Clinton Warner who is engaged in the real-estate and loan business at Dixon, has been aprominent figure of Lee County since he attained manhood and has filled various offices of trust and honor with eminent ability. He is a native of New Preston, Conn., born April 3, 1850. His father, Leman A. Warner was born near Lockport N.Y. while his father, Dr.John Warner, is thought to have been born in VT and to have descended from an old English family that settled in New England in Colonial times. The doctor removed to N.Y. and was thereafter in active practice as a physician in Niagara COunty until his death.

The father of our subject was quite young when his father died, and soon after he went to reside with an uncle in Washington, Conn. He was a natural mechanic, with a regular genius for handling tools, and in due time became a carpenter and a cabinet-maker. He was a fine workman and devoted most of his time to pattern-making. He continued to live in Connecticut until 1855, when he came to IL and located at freeport. He later bought a home and for some years operated as a contractor and builder. In the meantime his inventive talents were not idle and he produced several useful articles, and in 1872 patented an invetnion known as the "Warner Door Spring" which proved to be valuable, and in timeyielded him a handsome income. He established a factory in Freeport to manufacture the springs, and operated it a number of years but finally disposed of it advantageously, and now lives in retirement from active business in the enjoyment of an ample fortuen. In early manhood he married Sarah D. Whitttlesey, a native of New Preston, Conn. a daughter of the Hon. David Whittlesey. They have reared a family of five children.

Our subject was a small boy when his parents removed from the New England village in which he was born to the city of Freeport in this state, and his education was conducted in the public schools of the latter place. He lived there until he attained his majority, and he then came to Dixon, with whose interests his own have since been deeply involved. After coming here he served one year as Deputy County Clerk and then, though so young, was made Deputy County Treasurer, which office he held for 15 years. During that itme he turned his attention to the real-estate and loan business, and since 1889 has devoted his time to those branches, andhas been an active factor in the steady growth of the ciyt. In 1887 he published a map of Lee County, that is valuable for its accuracy.

In 1875 Mr. Warner and Myra O. Brookner were married. Mrs. Warner is a native of Dixon, a daughter of Christopher and Jane Brookner. Her wedded life with our subject is an example of a felicitous union, and their dwelling is one of the attractive homes of which the city has so many. Their pleasant home circle is completed by the six children born to them; Henry C., Edward C., James C., William H., John F., and Frederick M. Their son John F. died Sept. 4, 1891 at the age of 5.

Mr. Warner's appitude for affairs, and other gifts that mark him as a man peculiarly adapted to the exigencies of a public life, early attracted the attention of his fellow-citizens, and they have often called him to the front to important civic positions. He served 2 years as City Clerk; represented Dixon on the County Board of Supervisors in 1889 by appointment, and in 1890 by election; he was a member of the Board of Alderman one term; was Mayor for two terms in 1886 and 87; and for three terms has been a member of the North Side School Board, of which he is now President. His public record is without a blemish, as he has conducted his official duties by the same honorable methods that have ever characterized the management of his private business and he has never betrayed a trust. His politics are of the Republican order.

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