Lee County Biography

George C. Withey
China Township

George C. Withey is a well known citizen of China Township, who is engaged in farming. He is of New England birth and antecedents, born in the grand old State of Maine, in Franklin County, September 22, 1838. His father, Ezra Withey, was born in that State October 22, 1814. He married Abigail Bradbury, who was likewise a native of the Pine Tree State, born in the town of Stacks in August, 1812. They begun their wedded life in the State of their birth, but in 1846, being then in the full vigor and prime of life, they determined to brave the hard­ships to be encountered in a newly settled country, and coming to Illinois, they cast in their lot with the few pioneer settlers of China Township who had preceded them, locating on section 22. There, by their united labors, they built up a comfort­able home, in which they lived until the autumn of 1883, when they retired from active life to Franklin Grove, where they now reside at an advanced age, enjoyjng the respect and friendship of all about them. These are the names of their five children: George C., Abigail, Mary Ann, Eliza, Jane and John.

The subject of this biographical review has passed the greater part of his life in this county, as he was but eight years old when the family came here, he was reared on the parents home­stead, under the pioneer influences that prevailed during his youth in these parts, and received a good training as a farmer. He made his home with his father and mother until be left them for one of his own at the time of his marriage with Miss Barbara Lawyer, to whom he was wedded in Ogle County, May 21, 1868. Mrs. Withey is a daughter of Henry and Nancy (Beetle) Lawver,of Grand Detour,Ogle County, and was born in Knox County Ohio, January 2, 1850. Contentment and happiness have been the portion of our subject and his wife in the years they have passed together, and are the sign and seal of a true married life, wherein each has faithfully contributed to the well-being of the other, and both have fulfilled their obligations as parents and their duties toward their neighbors. Theirpleasant household is completed by their four children - Ezra, Grace, Henry and Clara.

Mr. Withey has always been engaged in farming, and has one hundred and twenty acres of land of excellent fertility and under a high state of cultivation. He is well versed in the principles of agriculture, employs the best modern methods of tilling the soil, and derives a comfortable income from his harvests and from his stock. He is a sensible well-informed man, irreproachable in his habits; frank, manly and straightforward in his character; just, kindly and considerate in his dealings and intercourse iwht others, and these traits place him high in the regard of his fellow-citizens. As a loyal citizen should, he takes a fairly active part in politics, throwing the weight of his influence in favor of the Republican party, of which he has been a devoted adherent for many years. He interests himself in whatever concerns the welfare of his adopted township, and as a School Director has done what he could to raise the standare of education in his locality.

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