Lee County Illinois

Photos by Peggy Allen Arnold

St. Mary's
Twin Grove

Lee County Township Map

St. Marys Ohio - East Grove Township -
Sec 34, E of IL 26 on Baseline Rd

"If you Germans will build a church, I'll get the Irish to haul the material", so spoke Anthony O'Donnel to John Hermann. Thus in 1864 was sown the seed for the first Catholic Church in the Lee Area. St. Mary's Church was located just northwest of the cemetery. In 1917 St Mary's Twin Grove Church was condemned and abandoned. In the year 2000, a preservation committee was formed to restore St. Mary's German Cemetery. We wish to thank those who share our love of this sacred ground.

BATES, Frank 17 Feb 1823 03 Jan 1905 Mary Ann Heigel  
BATES, John 1863 1906   Frank and Mary Anna (Heigel) Bates
BATES, Mary Anna (Heigel) 30 Nov 1823 10 Apr 1904 Frank Bates .
CLINTON, Michael 1839 1874 Mary Fitzsimmons Thomas & Anna (Clark) Clinton
CLINTON, Ellen (Fitzsimmons) 1843 1918 Michael Clinton .
CLINTON, Katherine (Flynn) 1838 1916 Thomas Clinton .
CLINTON, Peter 1866 1897 . Michael & Ellen (Fitzsimmons) Clinton
1838 1899 Katherine Flynn Thomas & Anna (Clark) Clinton
HERMANN, Frank 29 Dec 1827   Rosena Switzer  
HERMANN, John 01 Jan 1826 06 Jun 1907 Ludcartis Hermann  
HERMANN, Joseph 12 Jan 1818 11 Dec 1872 Elizabeth Eich  
HERMANN, Ludcartis 1831 04 Jul 1919 John Hermann  
HERMANN, Maikels 1841 1930    
HERMANN, Mary B. 1848 1911   Joseph & Elizabeth Hermann
SCHNORR, Pauline 27 Feb 1884 27 Nov 1904 William Schnorr  
SCHNORR, William 1836 1920 Pauline  
SWITZER, Rosena 24 Jul 1833 03 Mar 1899 Frank Harmann  

When the cemetery was restored in 2002 the graves stones of the infants and children were moved to the center of the cemetery and placed in a circle. Many of the stones are so old they can no longer be identified.
(Information from Peggy Allen Arnold (Find-A-Grave)

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