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Steward Cemetery - Alto Twp.
Perry and Steward Rds

Land for Steward Cemetery Donated by Founder of Town
by Christine Berg (Contributed by Karen Holt for Genealogy Trails) - where this is a ___ words were missing from the article. Date unknown.

The final resting place for many of those of another generation was donated by Wesley Steward, friend, benefactor, pioneer and founder of the village of Steward. Mr. Steward, who lived from Oct. 27, 1837 until Oct. 14, 1911, donated three-fourths of a block of land, located in the western section of the town, for a cemetery. Back in the early days, according to what is now legend, a family traveling through the country to the west, camped in this area for a short time.

Members of their family had contracted a contagious disease, and two of the children died. These two youngsters were buried in the plot of ground -- but before the cemetery was actually formed. Then, two Whitney brothers, who were killed in the Civil War, were buried thre in the 1880’s. The earliest legible date is 1968 on a marker for a Dr. Van Baumbach, who died June 5 of that year. There is also another name on an old marker, that of John Grimes, who also died in July of that year. This was two years before the first house was built in Steward.

The first records of the cemetery were kept by Joe Titus, beginning in 1906, when lots were sold for $50. A committee was also formed at that time consisting of Mr.Steward, Morris Cook and Mr. Titus,. Lots in the cemetery have recently been raised to $75. Charles Diller was a member of the cemetery board from 1928 until 1953. Bill Burkhart also was a member from 1922 until 1942. Mr. Diller did considerable work at the cemetery during the time he was a member of the board. Using his own _______. The iron fence, enclosing the cemetery in part, was built in 1906-1907. The fence on the east has been torn down to extend the acreage to the end of the block on the ladn originally given for that purpose.

Three men are appointed by the township supervisor as a committee in charge of the cemetery, which in charge of the cemetery, which is known as a township cemetery. The present committee consists of Perry Beitel, Charles Hare and Raymond Johnson. According to those whose memory dates back many years, Memorial Day services have always been held at the cemetery, originating from Main Street and later at the Methodist church. Samuel Whetston and W.E. Hemenway were in charge of this program, and later Mr. Whetston’s daughter, Mrs. Joe Beardsley took charge and continued for nearly 50 years. The last few years, Irvin Arne has been doing the work. During the last two years the newly formed Cub Scout organization and Boy Scouts, as well as the Lee VFW have assumed a large share of the program.

Back in the 1870’s, a trio consisting of Samuel Whetston, playing a snare drm, and Charles Wise, with a fife, had an important part in the services. Civil War veterans buried in the Steward cemetery are John Burkhart, Joseph Carney, Samuel Diller, William Heiser, William Herrick, William Hemenway, George Hochstrasser. Also, George Lannon, Thomas Lawton, Jerome Manley, David Parker, William T. Preston, Albin B. Stiles, Samuel Whetston, G.B. Whitney, M.A. Whitney, Charles Wise, Zeno Wise, John G. Yetter and John Zies _____ Rednour, Harry Strawbridge, Charles Elroy Walker, Lloyd Wise, John P. Yetter and Robert Zies. Vernon Arne is the one veteran ______.

Lee County Township Map
Transcribed and Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Christine Walters

ANDRES, Joseph Peter
26 Jul 1866 03 Feb 1945 Emma Vaupel .
BARNETT, Lacy 1878 1903 L. Barnett  
BEARDSLEY, Verna M. (Melum)
14 Jan 1908 16 Jun 2007 John Whetson Beardsley Arthur and Aileen (Vognild) Melum
BLISS, James
28 Jun 1812 16 Jan 1897 Roxana C. Rose Palatire Bliss
BLISS, Roxana C. (Rose) 25 Jul 1819 22 Jan 1901 James Bliss  
BYERHOFF, Verna (Carney)
17 Mar 1891 03 May 1955   Joseph & Mary (Wise) Carney
BYRD, Donald E. 13 Jun 1929 24 Mar 1988 Patricia  
BYRD, Patricia 07 Jul 1933   Donald E. Byrd  
CARDOTT, Edward Francis
CARDOTT, Edward F. 1907 - 2006Obituary
23 Apr 1907 04 Jan 2006 Irene Beulah Austin Emil & Mary (Bower) Cardott
CARDOTT, Irene (Austin) 27 Apr 1917 26 Dec 1988 Edward F. Cardott Larkin & Rose (Bradford) Austin
CARNEY, Ethel Orilla 04 Oct 1914 21 Jan 1917   Joseph & Elizabeth (Strohman) Carney
CARNEY, Joseph
06 May 1836 09 Sep 1926 Mary Elizabeth Wise John & Anne (Craig) Carney
CARNEY, Lulu Ann 31 Dec 1881 23 Jul 1882 . Joseph & Elizabeth (Wise) Carney
CARNEY, Mary Elizabeth (Wise)
09 Jul 1860 10 Jan 1949 Joseph Carney Rueben & Susann (Fink) Wise
CARNEY, Vera Elizabeth 28 Dec 1918 14 Feb 1919 . Joseph & Elizabeth (Strohman) Carney
COOK, Dorothy (Carney) 29 Apr 1896 08 Dec 1960 Harold Hemenway Cook Joseph & Elizabeth (Wise) Carney
COOK, Gertrude (Hemenway) 24 Jul 1869 12 May 1952 Morris Cook .
COOK, Harold Hemenway 11 Oct 1890 25 Jan 1977 Dorothy Delight Carney Morris & Gertrude (Hemenway) Cook
COOK, Mary Beth 13 Oct 1928 07 Oct 1992 . Harold & Dorothy (Carney) Cook
COOK, Morris 10 Sep 1864 05 Nov 1940 Gertrude Hemenway Morris & Elizabeth (Cooper) Cook
COOK, Robert Morris 15 Mar 1923 07 Jun 1976 . Harold & Delight (Carney) Cook
HAMILTON, Robert Wallis
09 Oct 1923 25 Mar 1991 Margaret Riley Clifford Struthers and Lulu Francis (Howe) Hamilton
KIRBY, Ella (Miller)
  02 Jun 1894 James Kirby Jr.
m Feb. 1894
Daniel C. and Margaret )Schultz) Miller
MILLER, Loren R.
23 Nov 1868 12 Jan 1947 Ida Baker Daniel & Margaret (Schultz) Miller
MILLER, Vera J. (Ketchum) 01 Jun 1931 05 Nov 2012 Orville Miller Jr
23 Mar 1949
Benjamin & Etta (Baker) Ketchum<
RAVNAAS, Martin 24 Jan 1923 19 Jun 2012 Virginia Carmichael
17 Aug 1947
M. William & Ruth (Barnett) Ravnaas
ROMICK, Agnes (Carney) 12 Aug 1885 04 Jan 1939 Henry Ralston Romick Joseph & Mary (Wise) Carney
ROMICK, Florence (Williams) 09 Mar 1917 20 Nov 1998 Wilbur Henry Romick  
ROMICK, Henry Ralston "Rollie" 03 Oct 1881 27 Dec 1973 Agnes Luetta Carney William James & Henrietta Blanch (Kellogg) Romick
ROMICK, Madeline Adele 05 Apr 1921 03 Sep 1983   Henry & Agnes (Carney) Romick
ROMICK, Wilbur Henry 16 Feb 1925 05 Dec 1988 Florence Ellen Williams Henry & Agnes (Carney) Romick
STAFFER, William
31 Sep 1869 27 Dec 1952 Sarah Jane Stephenson  
VAN PATTEN, Hannah (Nettleton) 1837 06 Jan 1875 Harmon Van Patten  
14 Jul 1836 21 Jan 1906 Hannah Nettleton
m 17 Mar 1861
Jeanette Fuller
m 5 Sep 1878
YETTER, Alice (Davis)   1987    
YETTER, Bessie Marie 11 Aug 1889 26 Oct 1904   John Phillip and Margaret McDermott
YETTER, Carl Thomas 18 Jun 1860 10 Feb 1937 Sophia E. Hochstrasser John George and Magdalena (Schoeholz) Yetter
YETTER, Elsie M. 10 Sep 1886 07 Jun 1942    
YETTER, Jacob Joseph 12 Apr 1870 30 Jun 1945 Mary Alice Critchlow John George & Magdelina (Schoenholz) Yetter
YETTER, John George
18 Dec 1835 01 Jan 1925 Magdalena Schoenholz John George Yetter Sr
YETTER, John C. 1841 1863   Co H 20 Reg.Ill Inf.
YETTER, John Phillip 01 Jul 1887 09 Sep 1957   John George and Magdelena (Schoenolz) Yetter
YETTER, Julia (Gulden)
16 Jul 1867 05 Aug 1946 George Yetter
m 12 Feb 1899
YETTER, Magdalena (Schoenholz)
17 Jul 1835 29 Sep 1899 John George Yetter Philip J. and Eva Elizabeth (Kaufe) Schoenholz
YETTER, Margaret (McDermott) Feb 1858 31 Aug 1932 John Phillip Yetter  
YETTER, Marina 21 Dec 1897 09 Jul 1878    
YETTER, Mary Alice (Critchlow) 08 Aug 1871/TD> 24 Jul 1970 Jacob Joseph Yetter Richard Dunmore and Susan (Mackeral) Critchlow
YETTER, Ruby M. 23 Mar 1885 12 Jul 1958   John Phillip and Margaret (McDermott) Yetter
YETTER, Sophia E. (Hochstrasser) 31 Dec 1860 01 Jul 1931 Carl Thomas Yetter  

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