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The church now known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance church located at 5th and Ottawa, had its beginning in 1931. It was in that year that Ed Boyenga, Ashton, Ill. was one day informed that the world renowned speaker, Paul Rader, would be broadcasting from Chicago. Through contacts with Mr. Rader's Tabernacle, Mr. Boyenga and his brother, Abe, became more and more interested in Gospel work and during the next few years they gathered many such interested friends about them, holding weekly prayer meetins and Bible studies.

This group joined with Dixon friends of like interests and street meetings wereheld in Dixon and surrounding towns during 1932 and 1934. During the next three summers, the group held tent meetings in Dixon. It was as a result of these meetings that this group was organized into the Dixon Gospel League and in June, 1937 the location of the present building was purchased. The building was started immediately and the tabernacle was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1937. The building has a seating capacity of 250.

The total cost of the building was approximately $8,000. A highlight in the history of the church was the burning of the mortgage on Easter Day, April 9, 1944. Various improvements have been made upon the building since that time. At the present, plans are underway for a complete remodeling job in the basement and future plans to remodel the front entrance and add a vestibule. In 1945 the church purchased a piece of property at 1006 Hennepin avenue to be used as a church parsonage.

The original organization of the Dixon Gospel League consisted of 23 charter members. Its full time pastor was Rev. William Slipp. His successor was rev. Sherman Miller, under whose ministry the Dixon Gospel League became affiliated with the Christian Missionary Alliance organization. This was done in 1940. Pastors who have served the church since that time are: William J. Martz and Malcolm Sawyer. The present pastor, Rev. Elmer B. Fitch has served since 1947. At the present time the church's active membership is approximately 75.

The church is operated by an eight man official board, consisting of the pastor, Rev. Fitch, two elders; Max Aughenbaugh and Frank Shoemaker; four trustees; Theodore Wentling, Gerald Noble, Lawrence Wentling and John LEnnox, and Byron Weldman and Lewis Zigler.

At the present time the church has six organization. They are the Sunday school, Alliance Youth Fellowship, Ladies Missionary Prayer band, Ladies Christian circle, Christian Men's association and the Junior Young People's group. The Sunday School was organized in 1937 with the beginning of the church and has a present enrollment of 200. A city bus is hired by the Sunday school to transport many of its pupils from the outlying parts of the city. The Alliance Youth Fellowship has been an active organization of the church since its early days. Its present average attendance is about 22. The Ladies Missionary Prayer band was organized in 1941 and has a present enrollment of 25. It meets monthly with the sole purpose of upholding the church's many foreign missionaries who serve all over the world. The men of the church organized the Christian Men's Association in 1947 consisting of 30 members. In 1948 the Ladies Christian circle was organized and has had an average attendance of 24. The Junir Young Peopl'es group has been active at various times and at the present consists of 15 members.

One highlight each year in a Christian and Missionary Alliance church is the M issionary Convention. At the 1950 convention the Dixon church pledged and has paid $2700 to Missions. Most every year the church also sponsors a series of children's meetings which have been well attended throughout the years. Such a series is again being planned for October, 1951.

Dixon Evening Telegraph May 1, 1951

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